Diesel Cars aren’t that bad after all

I love my diesel car is phrase I thought I would never say in my life time, in fact the thought of ever owning a diesel car had never entered my mind at all.

You see I had the same opinion as lots of other people in regard to diesel engines they either belong in trucks or they were dirty, smelly, smoky and clattered like hell at idle in fact not the kind of engine you would want in a family car.

That was then this is now I am writing to you as part of the converted flock, after some advice from some clever people I was told to give the diesel powered Captiva a look at when we looking for a new car a couple of months ago and I am damn thankful I did.

I soon found that like everything else in world diesel engines have evolved from dirty, smelly, noisey dinosaurs into something really Hi Tech.

High tech modern diesel engines which feature direct injection, high fuel pressures, variable-vane turbochargers, intercoolers, complex ECUs, catalytic converters, particulate filters. Coupled to very intelligent computer controlled Six,  Seven oe Eight speed automatic transmissions that are coming out of the wood work everywhere.

You see each litre of Diesel contains more energy then a litre of petrol so when you couple this with modern technology available now not only does it means phenomenal fuel economy results but also there’s none of noise, smoke or smells that use to be associated with diesel engines.

In fact some modern diesel engines are as clean if not cleaner than most modern petrol engines, in fact many diesel powered cars are able to deliver the same or better fuel economy then many hybrid vehicles.

Now I have discovered the benefits of diesel engine vehicles got me thinking about how day now some tree hugging veg eating hippy pinko(for you marty) is telling us we should all become vegetarians and reduce our carbon foot print.

Well I have but instead of becoming vegetarian which actually is worse for the environment. I’m doing my part for the environment by eatign animals. Animals fart which in turn releases methane into the air the animals there are the more farting animals there are destroying our air.

We have also reduced our carbon foot print by trading our V8 Commodore in on a Brand new Diesel Captiva,

If you think by going green the government is going to by thank you and give you some of incentives like cheaper registrations you would be wrong.

The only benefit we have received is that because our diesel is so much cheaper to run then our old car, we are saving money when we fill up or should it be when we don’t fill up you know what I mean.

Oh and the fact I can go have a nice huge piece of grilled skippy for dinner anytime I like.

Viva my Diesel car and Viva La Skippy sandwich.


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