Thank youtube very much

Want to thank youtube for a lovely late night last, for some I ended up clicking on a link for TV from the 80’s for Holden Ute’s. Which started me out on a very nostalgic tour of youtube I decided to see if I could find ads for every Holden my father has owned. The FJ, EJ, LH Torana, VH Commodore, VL Commodore and the Astra.
Once I did that I decided to go looking for ads for the all cars I’ve owned VC SL/E Commodore, VH Commodore, VK Brock Commodore, VS Commodore, VY SS Commodore and my Current Car my Series 2 Captiva.
So finally weary eyed and very over tired I decided to go to bed way later then I should of with many videos still to watch on view later list. Along with that haunting tune “We Love Football, Meat Pies, Kangaroos and Holden car’s playing in my head.” Thanks again youtube…

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