Quick Fang Hyundai I30 SX 1.6 Petrol

This was going to be a full on review but I wasn’t able to get hold of the car to take it on a longer test so this has turned into quick drive review. The Hyundai I30 has taken the small car market by storm since it’s release a few years ago and is one of the top selling small cars on the Australian small car market. My first impression of the I30 is while it’s not an ugly looking car on the outside well it’s no super model either, It is sort of well run of the mill small car. The 2nd thing I noticed is the 15 inch alloys look so small but I’m used to looking at the 19inch rims on my car. Hyundai offers 3 engine choices on the I30 a 2.0l petrol, 1.6 Common Rail Direct injected turbo Diesel engine and the 1.6l petrol that I’m testing here. The 1.6l to be honest with you it only has 89kw of power and 153nm torque so it is not going to win too many traffic light grand Prix’s but in saying that anyone wanting a faster car wouldn’t by the 1.6l petrol in the 1st place. The 1.6l seemed like it needed a few rev’s to get it going from the lights, but it does a reasonable job keeping up with traffic once on the move. I am testing the 4 speed auto so the manual might go a bit better. The 4 speed auto seemed to shift well but I didn’t really drive it long enough to see if there was anything I didn’t like about it lets just say it does it’s job. Not going to bother with fuel economy as I didn’t drive it long enough to really do economy figures. On street it drives and seems to handle normal roads and absorbs the bumps nicely, again I wish I had more seat time so I could really give you a better opinion. I’m testing the I30 SX which is the base model so the inside surprised me a little as it’s quite well appointed for a base model car.. The seats are cloth knit the drivers has height adjusting driver’s seat cushion, Tilt and telescopic (reach) steering wheel, Power windows, electric adjusted and heated outside mirrors The dash is well set out and not cluttered only containing fuel and temp gauges the tacho and speedo which are easy to read the white lettering is backed by blue lighting which I like a lot. The read out for the trip computer in nicely situated in between the speedo and tacho give you constant fuel usage figures as well containing the odo. The stereo is good and comes with Bluetooth media streaming and Hands free, Auxiliary audio jack (to connect external audio source), USB audio input with iPod compatibility MP3 / WMA / CD player, AM / FM tuner, 4 speakers. The seats front seats are comfortable maybe just a touch snug on the sides but I’m not what you would call a small person. The rear offers reasonable enough leg room but might get a bit squashy with 3 people in there though. In the back being a hatch it has a usable 340 litres of space in the back which opens up to 1250 litres if need to get something bigger in by folding down the back seats. The I30 contains all the safety gear you would expect given it’s 5 safety rating, Six airbags comprising dual front, side (thorax) and curtain SRS airbags provide protection to front and rear passengers. traction control, electronic brake distribution, and a brake assist system, 4 wheel disk brakes and front active ‘anti-whiplash’ head restraints. The I30 seems is great little car plenty of features 5 star safety rating, from my short test I think it I would really city car. I would however love to get hold of an I30 for an extended time so I could really give you more then my first impressions of it and do some real world fuel economy figures.

If maybe Hyundai could please lend me one for a day or two as I’d really love to be able to give the I30 a full and proper review.

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