How to Use Bus Lanes in NSW

This blog post is a public service announcement from the team here 3 On The Tree.

With bus lanes on the rise in NSW specially in Sydney there seems to be a lot of people out there that don’t actually know how to use them properly. Like the moron yesterday who nearly caused a 5 car pileup on Church St North Parramatta because they decided they needed to brake heavily and make a left hand turn. From the middle lane because heavens forbid they can’t go into the bus lane or their car will spontaneous combust.

Sorry I am ranting but I am damn pissed off at this moron because my kids were in the car with me and I would rather my children not be in a 5 car pileup because some idiot doesn’t know the road rules.

RANT Over now its time for the public service announcement here’s are the NSW road rules for bus lane use directly from the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority website.

Please go heck the link out below which take you directly there the web site even has little videos that show you what to do. Essentially here are the rules.

More bus lanes are being provided on Sydney roads to improve the reliability and efficiency of bus services.

Motorists need to be aware of the road rules for when they can and cannot use bus lanes safely and legally. What you need to know Illegal use of a bus lane incurs one licence demerit point and a fine of $258.

It is illegal for private vehicles to stop or pick up or set down passengers in a bus lane.

To remind drivers to observe road rules applying to bus lanes, bus lanes are: coloured red, or marked with red patches, or sign-posted at intervals.

A white line generally separates a bus lane from a general traffic lane.

Watch for signs showing when the bus lanes operate. Some bus lanes operate 24 hours a day. Some operate only in the morning or evening traffic peaks from Monday to Friday.

Two types of lane are provided for buses.

They are bus only lanes, or bus lanes:

Bus only lane: For the exclusive use of buses. Bus only lanes are sign-posted or marked as bus only lanes. No other vehicles are permitted to travel or stop in a bus-only lane. The only exceptions are authorised special purpose vehicles. A continuous white line generally separates a bus only lane from a general traffic lane. Intersections incorporating a bus only lane generally display a “B” on the traffic signals to give buses priority over general traffic.

Bus lane: Bus lanes are sign-posted or marked as bus lanes.

They are provided primarily for buses, but can also be used by: Taxis. Hire cars. Motorcycles and bicycles. Emergency vehicles. Special purpose vehicles and vehicles also operated by or under the direction of Roads and Maritime Services (replacing Roads and Traffic Authority). General traffic is also permitted to travel in a bus lane for up to 100 metres to: Turn left or right into or out of a street. Enter or leave a property adjacent to the bus lane. Pass another vehicle that has stopped to turn right or to avoid an obstruction.

What to do when turning left: At bus-only lanes Vehicles turning left must turn from the traffic lane next to the bus-only lane. Vehicle left turn movements are NOT permitted from bus only lanes.

At bus lanes Drivers turning left to enter a street, property or intersection can enter a bus lane up to 100 metres from where they intend to turn. This also applies when entering a road with a bus lane. Turning left from the traffic lane next to the bus lane is NOT permitted and could result in your vehicle being hit by a bus travelling in the bus lane.

Please pass this onto as many people as you can I think it’s important that people in Sydney know how to use bus lanes properly as somebody could be seriously injured or even killed as the result of people not knowing the proper rules.

2 thoughts on “How to Use Bus Lanes in NSW

  1. You bet you sweet patootie people don’t know how to use a bus lane. There are some drivers who simply shouldn’t be on the road at all. I thought everyone knew you must turn left from the lane closest to the left side footpath. Anyone not knowing that shouldn’t be driving

  2. I’m one of the ignorant ones. I’ve travelled George street since 1995 and have always used the Bus Lane to turn Left into Druitt st then R into my next st. Just got a $298 fine, turns out I travelled more than the 100m permitted. Blow me down, did not know that. Also the site sates $250 fine? Why so much dearer is my fine?. Damn damn damn. Jon

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