Diesel Vehicle Popularity on the Rise

The popularity of diesel passenger vehicles is on the rise in Australia specially in the SUV class as more and more people discover the benefits of owning a diesel vehicle.

The new generation of diesel engines powering these vehicles are way more advanced then the old dirty, smelly, smoky engines that people first think of when you mention diesel engines.

As diesel fuel has become more refined so have diesel engines featuring such things common rail direct injection, high fuel pressures, variable-vane turbochargers, intercoolers, complex ECUs, catalytic converters, particulate filters. Coupled to very intelligent computer controlled Six,  Seven or Eight speed automatic transmissions that are coming out of the wood work.

You see each litre of Diesel contains more energy then a litre of petrol so when you couple this with modern technology available. Not only does it mean phenomenal fuel economy results but also there’s none of noise, smoke or smells that use to be associated with diesel engines.

From what I’ve heard Holden’s Diesel engine Captiva’s are out selling the petrol variants hand over fist, Cruze diesel is also selling well.
Holdens recently released all new Colorado ute is now only available with diesel engines. Which points to how well the diesel sold on the old model.

Sales of Ford’s Territory went up leaps and bounds with the release of the diesel model.

Figures supplied to me by Mazda Australia point to the rise in diesel popularity, in 2011 Mazda sold 88,333 vehicles in Australia of those 88,333 vehicles 11,309 of them were diesel powered or roughly 12.8% of the total vehicle sold by Mazda were diesel.

Mazda’s CX-5, powered by Mazda’s 2.2 litre SKYACTIV-D diesel engine offer’s new levels of fuel economy, with a quoted fuel economy combined cycle of just 5.7 litres per 100km.
After owning a diesel Captiva for 14 mths i can really say I am a huge diesel fan.

As more and more people discover the benefits that diesel vehicles provide and car makers release more and more diesel cars into the market. I see the popularity of diesels rising more and more in Australia in the years to come.

I would like to thank Mazda Australia for providing me with their 2011 sales figures for use in this blog post.

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