Exciting times for Holden fans ahead.

Being as I am a little partial to things with Holden badges I was sitting here looking at Holden’s current range of cars and the new cars coming and will admit I was getting a little excited.

Holden already have a decent range of cars but when you look at the new cars coming the Holden range is starting to look a whole lot better in the next 18months I will start buy having a quick look at the new SUV’s that will soon be wearing Holden badges.

Following the recent release of the Colorado ute, The Colorado 7 pictured above in its Chevrolet guise is due to hit showrooms before the end of the year giving Holden an SUV with true heavy duty 4wd capabilities something the Holden range has been lacking since the demise of the Jackaroo.

Also joining the Colorado 7 in Holden’s SUV range will be the Trax, with Holden recently confirming  that it will add the new small SUV to its range  in 2013. The the Colorado 7 and the Trax will add to already popular Captiva 5 and Captiva 7 and give Holden a full range of SUV’s in one of the biggest selling car segments in Australia.

If you think things are getting exciting in Holden’s SUV range lets take a look at the passenger cars coming soon to Holden’s range.

Holden announced in April 2011 that it would add the Malibu (pictured above in Chevrolet guise)to it’s range in 2012, the Malibu is a mid size car which will importantly fill the gap in Holden’s range between the popular Cruze and the Commodore.

When Chevrolet in the U.S. announced the release of the Volt I couldn’t help but feel a little excited, I got even more excited when Holden announced that the Volt was going to be soon wearing Holden badges.

The Volt is a Range Extending Electric Vehicle (EREV) which means unlike other other electric vehicles which only have a limited range the Volt has a backup petrol engine which kicks in to charge the battery when it starts to get low, effectively gives the Volt an extended range of several hundred kilometers.  While most Aussies will be able to do their normal daily commute on just electric power alone the Volt’s extended range also gives them the luxury of using their Volt on weekends for longer trips into the country something that can’t be done with an conventional electric vehicle.

I can’t finish without mentioning the the VF Commodore while Holden quite rightly hasn’t released details of it the release of the VF is something I am truly looking forward too and something I look forward to driving when it’s finally released.

Thanks to GM Holden and GM Chevrolet for the pics used if you would like more info on the new exciting cars headed Holden’s way or info on  Holden’s current range of vehicles including the recently released all new Colorado check out Holden’s website http://www.holden.com.au


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