Year in review Holden Series 2 LX Captiva Diesel


Well those of you who know me, follow my blog or follow me twitter have had to put up with me banging on about my Series 2 Holden Captiva LX Diesel and how much I like it.

So as our first year of ownership has ticked over I thought I would post a little blog on my opinion of the Captiva 12 months on.

Well I’m afraid to say that your going have to put up with banging on about for a bit long because after 12 months ownership i still love my Captiva actually to be truthful I think I love it more now.

Our Captiva which we have christened Tiger has truely become a entrenched member of our family, the space, economy and the added flexibility that the 7 seats gives us has really made sure we would have probs now if we didn’t own it.

Plus the Diesel engine is fanbloodytastic and when you play with the sport shift it is quite a fun car to drive.

Ok I know you are wanting to know if we have had any probs with it well we had small prob that was fixed under warranty by our dealer and it hasnt really been an issue for us one little easy fixed problem is far out weighed by how much we love Tiger.

I will say the only thing we don’t like about Tiger is the front seats to be honest I hate them they a little uncomfortable and offer you support at all going around corners infact as soon as we can find a better option we are going to get rid of them.

I am disappointed about the front seats as they are the only thing stopping this really good car from being absolutely perfect for us.

That being said this is really a great car and despite my gripe about the seats I am really glad we bought it and look forward to owning it for many years to come.

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