Awesome car let down by one thing.

Well its taken 14 months but i’ve found something wrong with Captiva that i’m finding more & more annoying. Well its actually not something new, regular readers will know that the front seats of the Captiva are the only thing im not impressed with. But i’ve been hoping (i dont know why) that the seats would get better. Is it False hope, maybe denial since i’ve still got 4 more yrs til its paid off. Or maybe its because the car is so damn good i’m saddened its being let down by 1 thing.
Now i know you guys are going to say well they cant be too bad and wondering exactly whats wrong them.
Well lets start with the comfort, after you spend a while in them you find the seat rather hard. The back rest is not comfortable either its hard to find the perfect driving position. Even after 14 months of ownership i can honestly say i still havent found the perfect position. The lumbar support is useless it makes no difference which spot you put it in. There is no lateral support so much to the fact that it makes going around sharp corners a pain. Not only are concentrating in trying to get around the corner but you have to try and hold yourself into the seat or brace yourself against the door.
Now im not going to not recommend people not to buy a Captiva nor am i going to be stuck feeling like ive made a huge mistake buying this car. Because honestly i dont think i have because the rest of the car is perfect. Other people might not have the same issues as me. But im thinking that maybe next time i buy a new car, i’m going to do what i do when i review a car.  Put my personel devotion to Holden aside and for the first time in my life go and look at other brands.

One thought on “Awesome car let down by one thing.

  1. I’ve driven many SUV’s in my time. Would you believe the Nissan Xtrail is by far the best. the top model has leather seats that feel like you’re at home in the lounge. I agree though that the Captiva seats could be a trifle better.

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