Richard Hammond’s Crash Course

Let me first start by telling you that this is a sponsored post from Rocketman Media.

Putting all of that aside, I’ve been a huge fan of  Richard Hammond for a real long time now so it didn’t take much for me to agree to tell you about Richard’s new show Richard Hammond’s Crash Course. Infact I literally jumped at the chance to do it.

You’ll see everything from giant supercharged fire engines, huge cranes, massive tree munching danglehead processors and the awesome might of the M1A Tank. Richard Hammond’s Crash Course  follows Richard as he travels the length of the USA, in search of some of the world’s biggest, most powerful and dangerous machinery and takes a Crash Course in learning how to operate them.

Richard Hammond gets to know the people that use these machines on a daily basis, gaining intimate knowledge and insight on not only what their jobs’ entail but also what special skills are needed to use these machines.

Some of the machines are huge, some are complicated and some are both, the work environments are harsh and unforgiving.

Richard the certified gear head soon learns that not everything in this world is driven or operated by a steering wheel and an accelerator pedal.

The big question is, does Richard have the skills and knowledge to not only come to grips with the rigors of the job but also learn the complicated controls of the machines in only a few short days?

Can Richard put everything he has learned into practice successfully as he joins the work force or will his efforts be somewhat short of the mark?

The only way you will find out the spectacular and sometimes amusing results of his exploits is to tune Richard Hammond’s Crash Course on BBC Knowledge. (Foxtel Channel 612)

One thought on “Richard Hammond’s Crash Course

  1. this was a great series especially the logging episode. Hope you enjoy them. I think the Hamster is prett fab as well. I watch everything all 3 of the top Gear boys do. James May’s Toy Stories you might also like. Lego, The train and the racing car set were my favourites

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