The Australian International Motorshow Media Day A Media Virgins Journey

On the 18th of October with great excitement I toddled off to the Australian international Motor Show Media Day my first official event as part of the automotive media.

So not knowing what to expect or what I had to do I arrived there rather early in fact about 45min before media check in started at 6.15am.

Oh well at least getting there that early I was able serenade the car park with Pinks latest album which I had pumping when I drove into the car park.

Now apparently the 6.15am start time is just that a start and nobody really turns up at 6.15am given that I was the only one there when I arrived.

At least it didn’t take me long to check in and I was quickly out fitted with my media credentials and groovy bag that looked rather big considering it only had a small road map of the day’s activities and a media usb stick oh well at least I was starting to look the part well sort of considering I was the only one there wearing shorts but in my defence I did have on a leg brace.

Now I quickly realised that hmmm maybe I shouldn’t have had breakfast before I went because it turns out media people get breakfast provided to them who’d of thunk it. Turns out my decision to have breakfast beforehand was a good idea as unless you liked smoked salmon or where not diabetic you eat anything there as it seemed everything either had smoked salmon on it, was very high in carbs and sugar or both.

I was very content to take advantage of the coffee and the coke zero that appeared to be in great abundance.

After coming back inside from checking my email, Facebook and my blog (it turns out the 3G reception sucks there not good if you are part of the online media).

Apparently my decision to get there early was the right one as well given that it appeared everyone else decided to turn out 20min before the 7.20am start time.

My early start also meant that I got first crack at the coffee which was now being mobbed by throngs of media people trying to get that coffee and breakfast in before it starts.

So after making a couple right decisions I had to finally make a bad one I set off for the entrance at 7.15am thinking 5 min should be enough time. Fail the fact my leg is in a brace and I’d read the map wrong thinking I only had a few short metres to walk meant that by the time I walked in I’d missed the official welcome but I did however make the first presentation which was by Ford so maybe it I could count that as just a small fail instead.

Now being my first media event I didn’t quite know what to expect but after small speech Ford revealed 2 new cars and a concept car accompanied by rather loud and awful music.

The 2nd presentation I went to was from Holden who were show casing the Colorado 7 SUV, The Cruze Sportwagon, the Volt, The Malibu sedan and the brand new Mylink media system expect another blog soon just on this system as it is very impressive indeed).

I enjoyed this presentation more partly because of the car’s 3 of them are on my list of cars I really want to review and partly because there was no annoying music and people dancing with ipads.

These media presentations are run with the precision of a military campaign and with  me having a bum leg I soon discovered that my media day was going to be a little different to everybody else’s.

A quick explanation of what happens you have a few suits giving the presentation they take the covers off some cars you go grab some stuff have a quick look at the car and it’s off to the next one. If you’re lucky you can push in between a few people to get a quick snap shot of the car.

Now since I couldn’t keep up with the presentations I decided to go through the road map and time table and pick the presentations I thought would fit in with my blog and miss the rest.

This had one advantage as while the rest of the media followed the pack along it left every stand I went to virtually empty so I had more time to photograph the cars.

The only disadvantage which I didn’t work out til quite later on was apparently some of the car companies give away lots of crap which now explains why the bag they give you is big.

Now I could probably go on and on about the day but I won’t (yes i can sense your sigh of relief), several people have asked me what my highlights of the day were so here’s just a few of them.

The Aston Martin One-77 and Jaguar F- Type were simply drool worthy.

The AMG Merc’s were as impressive as always.

The Holden Colorado namely as this finally gives Holden a 4wd Competitor something they haven’t had for many years.

But my biggest highlight for me and I know several of you will be surprised with my choice especially given some of the car’s I’ve mentioned.

My biggest highlight was standing front row for the reveal of the Opel Astra OPC resplendent in brilliant blue paint, this is just a stunning looking car from every angle you look at it inside and out.

I don’t what it is (could be I’m a little partial to Astra’s) but this car really made a huge impression on me.

If I was in the market for a new car right at this point in time I would be walking into my nearest Opel dealer and putting my order in for sure.

The past 12 months since I started my blog has been a huge learning process for me and I’m learning more and more every day.

Being at the show on media was a great experience and seeing the amount of reveals I did see was exciting not just from a blogger point of view but from a car nuts point of view as well.

I only wish I was well enough to catch them all and hang around the show longer then I did but my knee forced me to leave earlier then had planned on doing hopefully the next media day I attend I will be able to take more advantage of it then I could this time.

I do have to mention one last thing and that was how great it was finally getting to meet Andrea Matthews from Holden, I have annoyed Andrea constantly on twitter for the past 12 months so it was good to put a face to the name. Mind you I don’t know how great it was for her especially since I told her she would be receiving an email shortly from me with a list of a few cars I would dearly love to review.

3 thoughts on “The Australian International Motorshow Media Day A Media Virgins Journey

  1. the biggest thrill for me was sitting in the Aventador, Gallardo and f course the Sesto Elemento at the Lambo stand. It.s will be the only time I ever sit in a $2.5 million car. Grreat story tho:)

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