Opel Astra OPC

I was privileged enough to be standing near enough front row at the Australian International Motor Show, when Opel Australia unveiled its  contender to the hot hatch market in Australia the Opel Astra OPC.

For those of you that don’t know OPC or Opel Performance Centre is to Opel what HSV is Holden, OPC takes the already impressive Opel car’s such as the Astra and takes them to the next level. To put it bluntly they take impressive family cars and turn them absolutely mental and I am a huge fans of mental cars.
There were an amazing amount of great cars at the motor show and I could make a list as long as my arm of the cars that impressed me but there was one car that stood out the most to me, one car that ticked all the boxes and had me thinking I would really buy this car if I could that car was the Opel Astra OPC.

Since this car made such an impression on me I thought I would take a closer look at it.

To be honest I’d seen pics of the Astra OPC before the motorshow so I knew what it looked like, what I didn’t expect was how good the car actually looked in the flesh, I was goob smacked as the cover was pulled back.

Now I’m a big fan of the looks of the new Astra’s specially the GTC and The Astra OPC takes the GTC to another level just looking at it sitting still from its sleek coupe shape, aggressive front and rear end styling to me just says to me it was built to go fast.

Astra OPC 2.0L direct injection 4cyl 206kw and 400Nm

Lets start under the bonnet the OPC have waved the magic wand over the 2.0L litre direct injection turbo petrol engine pushing the output up to an impressive 206 kW and 400 Nm torque giving the Astra OPC a claimed 0-100 km/h time of just 6.0 seconds.

Now as impressive as the engine sounds to me the most important part of this car is the suspension there is no point having a lot of power if the car is going to fall off the road when you go around a corner.

The OPC’s high performance chassis with FlexRide, HiPerStrut, limited slip differential makes sure the Astra OPC not only has power but it has the suspension to back it up as well.

Opel states “what’s setting the Astra OPC apart from all other current Astras is a specially developed mechanical limited slip differential, which
works on the front wheels. In conjunction with the sophisticated HiPerStrut (High Performance Strut) package found on the Astra GTC, the LSD provides the Astra OPC with exceptional lateral grip and traction through the bends.
The unit creates a locking effect with a ramp angle of 45 degrees under acceleration and 90 degrees under deceleration. The locking effect improves traction when it’s needed – such as under acceleration through bends or over changing cambers and surfaces – but the effect is relaxed off-throttle, when it’s not required, making the steering more benign.
Further changes to the chassis include the addition of Brembo brakes and the standard fitment of Opel’s fully adaptive FlexRide damping system. With FlexRide drivers have the choice of three separate chassis settings which can be selected at the push of a button.

‘Standard’ delivers all-round performance for a wide range of road driving, with ‘Sport’ stiffening the dampers for reduced roll and tighter body control. The third setting is ‘OPC’, FlexRide’s most extreme mode.
Not only does OPC mode enhance throttle responsiveness, and change the instrument backlighting from white to red, but it alters the dampers settings once again. A ramp-control sub-mode further stiffens the dampers, but ensures that the wheels are in contact with the
road instantly after hitting a bump. This means the car has a soft landing even when the springs on the struts rebound on an uneven surface. Meanwhile, the roll control sub-mode reduces tilt further during cornering.”

Not only will the Astra OPC go fast in a straight line and around corners the cross drilled and ventilated 355 x 32mm front discs, four-piston calipers and harder compound brake pads co developed by Opel and Brembo gives it the Astra OPC the incredible stopped power expected from a high performance car.

The Astra OPC not only has only impressive mechanically and in the looks department but in it’s rather impressive on the inside as well.

Just by looking at the smaller flat bottom steering wheel to the newly designed front sports bucket seats, made with cutting-edge lightweight material and featuring state of the art technology are standard in the vehicle. Along with exclusive OPC stitching in Cool Pearl throughout the cabin, both elements add to the dynamic interior of the vehicle you can tell OPC want to create a sporty feel to Astra OPC.

The Astra OPC is one impressive looking car blessed with the perfect amount of aggressive looks, performance, handling, stopping power and a premium and sporty feel on the inside.

This car will definatly shake things up in the hot hatch market the Astra OPc is on sale now at your local Opel dealer priced from just $42990 plus on roads.

The Astra OPC has certainly moved its way towards the top of the cars I want to review list given that this is a small blog I am not really sure if Opel will ever give us one to review but I can alway hope and dream and sometimes dreams come true.

Big thank you Opel Australia for the pics and information used here in this post for more details on the Opel Australia range check out their website http://www.opel-australia.com.au

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