Project Pimp My Astra

Zippy the Astra

My dad has terminal lung disease and unfortuantely wont be around with us much longer earlier this year it became time that his condition ment he couldn’t drive anymore.

So since then we have been given the keys to his beloved TS Astra to drive him around to his Dr’s appointments and so forth and to use when ever we need a 2nd car.

During this time the little Astra now named Zippy has had many stop overs at our house and during this time it has wormed its way into our hearts.

Zippy however is in need of a little bit of work some tyres, timing belt change, transmission mount and a general clean up that dad never had the money to do not that i really do either.

Now i’ve decided that since it needs to have that work done on it why take it a little bit further and turn it into a nice little cruiser so that dad can enjoy going for a drive in his beloved Astra (even if he cant drive himself).

I mean other then the mechanical work that needs to be done its in good condition goes and really handles surprisingly good.
Now this plan was suppose to already be happening but i suffered a knee injury at work that has put me out of action for a few months.
Not just physically but financially as well, as while i was off work i was on my basic wage and losing money every week as i was missing my normal penalty rates.

Now i’m back at work full time we have many bills to catch up on but i thought it was also a good time to start planning project pimp my Astra again.

After the getting the following mechanical work then the plan will be to do some small changes to the outside first then do a little bit of work on the inside.

First stop is the mechanical work so the following things will be getting done.

Changing the timing belt and water pump, getting a service done, new front and rear brakes and fluid, a transmission service and new transmission mount, flushing the radiator and changing the coolant.

As you can see most of the work that is needed is rather expensive so this is going to take while to get it all done once we are financial enough to start saving for it.

But there is plenty of other stuff to be done on it that shouldn’t cost so much as I can do it myself so in between the mechanical stuff I will be doing the rest.

Mind you if was is a generous person out there who decided they would like to sponsor Project Pimp My Astra we would definitely give you many free plugs on this blog (Yes I Know I’m Dreaming).

So check back regularly over the next few months as we move past the planning stage and get on with  Project Pimp My Astra,  my big hope is that I can get this done while my dad still with us and gets to see it finished and go for that last ride in his Astra.

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