Children’s Safety Around Car’s

This is the first part in a series on Children’s Safety around car’s a subject that I am not only passionate about but something I feel is extremely important for not only parents but drivers as well.

The popularity of high riding vehicles such as SUV’s is rising every day in Australia, some of these vehicles offer you a more commanding view driving on the road. The downside to this is the views are often the opposite when it comes to reversing, this downside is not just exclusive to  SUV’s but many hatch backs, sedans and station wagons that offer restricted views when reversing.

Sure I know many of these vehicles come with reverse sensors and camera’s but sometimes that is not enough specially when it comes to children it only takes split second distraction maybe you had the stereo on a bit loud last time you were in it, or the windows are up and can’t hear anything or anybody properly. A child could appear from no where and run behind your car.

Now I am not just passionate on this subject because I have two daughters of my own, but also because I have unfortunately have seen first hand more then once the result of what happens to a child that has been run over by somebody who didn’t see them when reversing.

Accidents like these can, not only cause serious life threatening injuries if not death to a child, but these accidents can also have a detrimental effect on the drivers and family members of the children involved as well.

A lot of these accidents can be avoided if people were more aware of their surroundings specially while reversing and if parents took some basic yet very important safety steps.

I’ve asked Dr Mary McCaskill the Medical Director of the Emergency Department at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead in Sydney to give us some basic but yet all so very important safety steps that we as parents should be following and what we should be teaching our children specially when it comes to safety around our cars, driveways and garages.

Dr McCaskill has suggested the following simple rules to reduce the chance of reversing over a child are:
1. When you are leaving a house with children, say goodbye to children inside the house, not in the garage or driveway.
2. When the car is reversing out of the garage the children must be strapped into their car seats or be inside the house.  They must not be waiting on the driveway for the car to be out of the garage.
3. Never leave children unattended in a garden if there are driveways they can get to.
4. Always walk around your car and check out the driveway before you get in and reverse.
5. Be especially careful in battle axe blocks as the driveway often crosses the garden and children’s play area.

Tragedy’s like this can easily be avoided by following these five simple yet extremely important rules not only should parent’s adhere to them but they should also teach their children.

I would like to thank Dr McCaskill for taking the time from her extremely busy work load to give me her very valued and important input in this article if we can save just one child’s life with this blog post we are doing well.

If anybody would like to make a donation to the Emergency Department of The Children’s Hospital at Westmead please contact the hospital’s fundraising department through the main hospital number (02)9845 0000 and remember and donation of $2 or more is fully tax deductible.

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