Project Pimp My Astra part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of project Pimp My Astra they say your eye’s are the windows to your soul is but if you looked into Zippy’s eye’s you would find a rather cloudy soul.

the before shot headlight looking really cloudy

Zippy being 10 yrs old is suffering the usual head light problems that are the bane of anyone’s existence if their car has plastic head light lenses and lets face it what car doesn’t these days.

Zippy’s were rather cloudy which in turn were making them a little dull at night but since at this time there are no funds for new head lights (actually no funds for anything just yet) in the Project Pimp My Astra budget.

I came across this Turtle wax Headlight Lens Restorer kit at my local Supercheap Auto and for $30 decided to give it a go and see how good it works.

cloudy headlight before

After reading the box it promises to be a rather easy process to do, the kit comes with a bottle of lens clarifying compound, a bottle of spray lube, some rubbing pads and small sachet of sealant.

make sure you tape any painted surfaces around the lens.

Now i was going to write a detailed step by step guide to the process but really it’s not that interesting, just involves rubbing, rubbing and more rubbing the whole time using the lube to keep everything wet.

all done big difference

The kit is rather easy to use and you just follow the instructions on the box, the pads are numbered level 1 to 4 and are different colours so apart from doing it for you I don’t think they could have made it easier.

looking good much better then the before shot

Now when you look at the finished pic there are still parts of the lights that aren’t perfect, it really needs another going over I just wasn’t able to do a proper job with my knee like it is so I will give it another go over and see if i can clear the rest up.

It has made a big difference at night the headlights do seem to look a little brighter than what they are.
This also means that the headlights look and work better and i can wait til later on the project for new lights.

Stay tuned for part 3 of Project Pimp my Astra.


6 thoughts on “Project Pimp My Astra part 2

    • A wreckers is an option but lots of Astra’s that age suffer the same prob, I’ve got my eye’s on a new set of light for it which are only $130.
      Just don’t have any budget to do alot right now so I’m doing the cheap ass stuff I can do myself first.
      On the list of stuff to be done new headlights are actually way down, really need to get the other mechanical stuff first. This kit actually worked great and has made a big dfference so this will do til I get the lights I want.

  1. Same problem on my astra – I first sanded the headlight down with 2000 wet and dry and then used a drill with a buffer and some Meguiar’s PlastX to get the cloudiness out. I then polished it up with some toothpaste before applying some car wax. It lasted for a while but needs to be done regularly. I am eyeing a set of new headlights as well, I don’t know whether to upgrade to Audi style lights or just get the same style Astra headlights (but with black inserts like on the Bertone convertibles) and just get some Phillips blue globes

    Good job btw – much better than mine

    • I’ve decided to get the ones with the black insets, yep new it wasn’t going to be a permanant fix but it has made difference at night it will do me till I can afford the new lights, need to get the timing belt done first.

      • Definitely get the timing belt done first, The TS are due for it at every 60k apparently – do the water pump at the same time coz the water pump is in the same area and its better to do both then to do one – if the water pump fails after you have done the timing kit you would have to take off the timing kit again to get to the water pump. I got a genuine GM timing belt kit with the pulleys etc off ebay for less than $200 and used a gates water pump (iirc the code was WP7050) – I got my mechanic to do the job and he charged me for 2.5 hrs work – all up it came to about $600 which was way under what Holden quoted me for the same job… They wanted $1500 – good luck with the job and don’t leave it for too long – it will cost much more to rebuild/replace the engine if anything should go wrong with the timing belt

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