Australian Auto Industry

This post has been coming for a while but finally I’ve had enough of all the rubbish and Anti Australian manufactured crap that has been flowing around over the last couple of years.

If you haven’t worked it out already I’m talking about the Australian Car Manufacturing Industry, over the last few years it has seemed to be the norm to bash any car made in Australia actually more Holden and Ford bashing then anything else. Because those uninformed people that keep bashing Holden and Ford don’t realise that Toyota actually makes cars in Australia as well not just in Japan.

One of the things that keeps getting under my skin is the fact that those uniformed keep calling Australian made cars dinosaur’s, low tech and not very good. Last time I checked Australia is producing world class cars able to compete with any car in the world and in fact they do compete around the world as both Holden and Toyota export cars made in Australia around the world.

Don’t forget either that Australian engineers from Holden, Ford, Toyota have actually helped design and engineer cars for use in other parts of the world that aren’t sold in Australia. Over the years Australia produced some of the worlds best designers and engineers.

Another thing that gets my goat is all the people that keep complaining about the level of support given to our industry by our Government and how they say the government is wasting our tax payers money.
I would bet my left arm that if you add up all the support the Government has given our industry over the years and the put that next to the amount of money the Car Industry has put back into the local economy you would see that the Car Industry has returned ten fold what the Government has given, not to mention kept thousands of Australian’s gainfully employed which again puts more money back into the country in the form of taxes those thousands of workers have paid over the years.

By giving out support, what the neigh sayers fail to see is that the companies aren’t getting this money for free.
Instead its called a co investment scheme in other words the manufacturers have to actually provide funding before the Government puts in anything at all.

People also fail to see that the Australian Government is not the only Government in the world subsidising their industry.
Every car industry in the world gets support from its government, in fact the Australian industry receives less support then every other industry in the world.
Whether its by direct support in the form of tax cuts, tariffs, hell even Governments have been accused of manipulating their currency to make their car industry viable, the fact is  every government supports their industry in some way shape or form.

All those people driving around in imported car’s saying that our Government should just let our industry dies wouldn’t actually have an imported car to drive around in if it wasn’t for Government support given to the car makers by their Governments.

Why do they do it because every government around the world know’s how important it is to keep a car industry and a very strong manufacturing base not only for the countries economies but for a technical and skill point of view as well.

Another things that really annoys me is the fact the Government is willing to support our industry but actually doesn’t buy a lot of Australian made car’s. As far as I’m concerned whether it be Federal, State or Local Government’s they all should have an Australian made vehicle policy where by the only imported cars that should be in there fleets are one’s where there isn’t an Australian made vehicle suitable for the task.

People should actually do some research on subjects before they make comments the problem there are a lot of other people out there that believe all the crap the uniformed sprout.

Instead of sticking the boot into the Australian Car Industry any chance they get people should actually be supporting our industry and show some pride in the fact the Australia can design, engineer and produce some of the worlds best car’s if not for their own sake do it for the sake of future generations of Australian’s because you can bet this country would be a lot poorer and worse off without the Manufacturing Industry.

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