VF Commodore Technology

With Holden releasing details of the VF Commodore I thought I would take a look at some of the new technology that Holden is introducing on the VF Commodore range.

Automatic Park Assist: Parallel Parking

Holden is introducing Automatic Park Assist on the VF Commodore which is standard on all models across the range.
Basically it detects a car space that the car will fit into and then it automatically works out the path to the spot and then steers itself into it all you have to do is select reverse then control the accelerator and brake, the short video below from Holden basically explains the whole process.

Another feature of the Automatic Park Assist is not only will work with a parallel spot but it will also work with right angle parking as well as shown in the Holden video below this means the VF show make parking in those tight shopping centre spots so  much easier.

Reverse Traffic Alert,  Blind Spot Alert
Reverse Traffic Alert and Blind Spot Alert come standard on all models except the Evoke where both are a very cheap optional extra.

Reverse Traffic Alert

We’ve all been in the situation where a bigger vehicle has parked beside us limiting our view of on coming traffic ( perhaps some clown in a Captiva 🙂 ) and making life hard for us to reverse safely out of the spot. Well Reverse Traffic Alert makes things a little easier for you basically is scans for on coming traffic and warns of any approaching objects it can scan for objects up to a range 25m. The Holden video below show you how it works.

Blind Spot Alert
Blind Spot Alert is a system that constantly scans for approaching cars and warns you of any cars in your blind spot when your about to change lanes once again see the video below from Holden.

Forward Collision Alert
Forward Collision Alert which comes standard on the SSV Redline and Calais V scans the road ahead up to 14 times per second, when the system detects a crash threat it’s lets the driver know with an audible tone and anticipates hard braking by applying brake pressure that closes the space between the brake pads and the rotors, providing quicker brake response time and decreasing stopping distance.
Please note the Feature operates at speeds over 40km, When activated, alert timing determined by user settings. The driver is always responsible for taking care and attention while manoeuvring the vehicle. The Video below from Holden explains it better then I can.

Hopefully that explains a bit about some of the new features Holden has introduced on the VF Commodore, please always remember though that the Auto Park Assist, Reverse Traffic Alert, Blind Sport Alert and Forward Collision Alert are meant only as an aid’s to help you when parking, leaving a parking spot, changing and to help avoid crashes.  Remember you should always be aware of your surroundings when driving check your mirrors, look over your shoulders,  keep your eye’s on the road in front pay attention at all times remember safety first people..

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