Who Killed The Falcon

Ok so everybody has by now heard the sad news that Ford is ceasing manufacturing in Australia in 2016 which basically means to a great number of Ford fan’s out there that the Falcon is now sitting on death row awaiting the sentence to be commuted in 2016.

Now I can understand the angst they are feeling and I know from talking to a few Ford diehards I know the first big question out of their mouth was why are Ford closing why are they killing the longest running name plate in Australian motoring the Falcon essentially they want to know who killed the Falcon.

Well this is small question has a massively long and complicated answer that really only Ford Australia and Ford HQ in the U.S. know the answer to.

(Cue the conspiracy theory music now)

I can only take a guess at this and the easy answer is going by the information I read over today, basically from I get from it Ford cannot afford to make cars in Australia anymore, it seems for a long time now Ford has not been making a profit in this country so it’s not financially viable for them to continue manufacturing.

Which poses another raft of questions from the Ford boy’s if Ford hasn’t been making a profit for years why hadn’t they done anything to reverse this.

Maybe they tried maybe they didn’t try to hard maybe Ford HQ saw the writing on the wall many years and chose to let Ford Australia sink or swim and by the look of it Ford Australia ain’t swimming to good.

Some people will say Ford were very short sighted while Holden decided to start making the Cruze in Australia, Ford after announcing it would make a small car here decided to make them in Thailand and import them instead.

Ford could have engineered the Falcon for left hand drive which could have opened up export markets for the Falcon I know lots of Ford fan’s in the U.S. have been asking for a car like the Falcon for years.

I bet even I could come up with some conspiracy theories of myself to put a spin on why this happened, but it’s still not going to change the result.

The Falcon which has been in production since 60’s will now be a thing of the past while I do feel sadness for the Ford fan’s out there including quite a few of my close mates, I feel a genuine sadness for the workers and their families of not just Ford but the flow on parts of the manufacturing industry that are going to be affected by this as well not to mention the communities of Broadmeadows and Geelong.

Today has been a massive day of news for the Australian Car Industry not only did we see the release of the VF Commodore the most important Commodore every made, but we see the demise of a stalwart of Australian motoring the Ford Falcon.

The announcement by Ford today is another bloody nose for the Australian Manufacturing Industry which has quite a few blows and been the target of an extensive amount of bad press this year.

Time will tell if it will be able to just shake those blows off and keep going, I am one person that keeping his fingers crossed it can all it needs is a bit of luck for things to change the aussie dollar dropping a lot wouldn’t go astray as well.

I know i haven’t answered it but the question still remains who really did kill the Falcon.

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