Top 3 Cars Reviewed So Far

Whenever I review a car my eldest daughter Madie always asks me where the car ranks on my favourites list of cars I have reviewed which has prompted me to come up with the top 3 cars I have reviewed so far.

cruzesri9No 1: MY14 Holden Cruze SRi Hatch.

Having driven the previous model SRiV not long before reviewing the MY124 model SRi I was really able to get a great insight into the changes Holden had made to the MY14 and how much of a revelation it is.

The MY14 SRi Cruze was extremely fun to drive the new 1.6L turbo engine is an awesome little engine, the work the engineers have done on the suspension is just incredible the SRi Cruze handles like it’s on rails, the steering was perfectly weighted. The changes made to the auto transmission make it even more fun to drive you can shift it into sportshift and select the gears you want or leave there and let the new performance mode do it for and it picked perfectly every time whether it needed to change up or hold the gear longer.

The SRi while happy to be a family car during the week has now also turned into a car that can be awesome play toy on the weekend just add corners and have a ball.

To read my full review pf the MY14 Cruze SRi click here:

20130112_143520 No 2: Holden VE Commodore Series II SV6 Z Series

This car was an awesome car to drive and really showed me that despite being a big car the VE Commodore is a great package that handles rather well despite its size.

Its roomy interior makes it the perfect family car as it will seat 5 in comfort, the SV6 Z Series package offers you leather bolstered seats, rear view Camera and a decent audio package. The massive boot ensures that you can also carry your 5 passengers luggage with ease.

Coming from a background of owning quite a few potent V8 Commodores over the years the 3.6L V6 actually changed my mind on the fact you need a massive V8 for a large car to be called a performance sedan.

The 3.6L V6 offers genuine performance with the added fuel economy bonus the V6 has over the V8.

Don’t get me wrong I still think V8’s are great that view will never change what I am saying is the SV6 commodores will give you a performance alternative to a V8.

To read my full review of the VE Commodore SV6 Z Series click here:

Opel Insignia Sports TourerNo3: Opel Insignia Sportstourer CDTi

While there were some hiccups during my review they still don’t dampen the fact that this car is extremely fun to drive.

Being a fan of diesel engines this was the car that showed me you can have a diesel powered performance car.

The torque of the diesel engine is amazing and was very intoxicating making me want to explore it in full everytime I drove it.  The exhaust note Opel have got from the diesel engine is awesome and at times I had to remind myself I was actually driving a diesel powered car. But because it is a diesel the Insignia has excellent fuel economy which gave me the impression that you could have your cake and eat it too. The handling package was great specially when pushing it through corners.

To read my full review of the Opel Insignia SportsTourer click here :

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