Breaking News Opel to Close in Australia

Being that we are big fans of Opel here at 3 on The Tree I was extremely saddened to hear the news today that Opel will be shutting the doors on their Australian operations after only one year in the Australian market.

Opel has sold just over 1500 vehicles in Australia since opening it’s doors in 2012 but has faced an up hill battle of late with recent price reductions from competitors meaning to remain competitive Opel would need to follow suit and reduce prices as well.

That coupled with the continued investment needed to continue to create brand awareness in Australia has meant it has unfortunately become not financially viable for the company to continue business in this country.

There is a small light at the end of the tunnel for Opel fans with Opel and Holden now looking at whether there may be a potential in the future for a niche market in Australia under the Holden badge as was the case with previous model Opel’s.


Opel Australia is working closely with employees, dealers and suppliers to conduct this closure process in an orderly and responsible manner. As always, customers are of the highest priority, and Opel Australia will remain in close contact with them, to ensure all on-going obligations to these customers are met. 

Customers are encouraged to contact the Opel Customer Assistance Centre on 1800 993 677 with any concerns or questions.

Opel Australia opened it’s doors in 2012 with 20 dedicated Dealership Network and a 3 car range of Corsa, Astra and Insignia these were joined earlier this year by the high performance versions of each model from the Opel Performance Centre (OPC). Opel’s Australian range was to be further expanded this year with the arrival of the Mokka SUV and the Zafira Tourer 7 seat people mover.

The future of it’s 15 strong head office staff still remains unclear, one possible out come is that they could be transferred to Opel’s sister brand Holden.

Opel Corsa’s, Astra’s and Vectra’s were sold in Australia under the Holden badge in the 1990’s and 2000’s and all Commodore’s up until the first locally designed model the VE were derived from Opel platforms.







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