Holden Caprice V Auto Park Assist demo video

Holden Caprice V

Holden Caprice V

One of the new features Holden introduced with the new VF Commodore and WN Caprice is Auto Park Assist.

The Auto Park Assist function does as the name suggests and assists the driver in parking where the Holden system varies from most other cars systems is the Holden system not only provides assistance with parallel parking but it also does 90 deg parking.

You enable the system you press and release the park assist button on the console and that enables parallel parking, pushing and holding the button down a second time will engage the 90 deg parking.

The system will then search for a parking spot big enough for the car to fit it, once it has found a spot the system beeps you then follow the prompts on the multifunction display on the instrument panel, the car will tell you when to shift into reverse or drive and all you do is use the accelerator and brake the car does the steering for you.

The following is a video demonstrating how the auto park assist function works on the new Holden Caprice.

4 thoughts on “Holden Caprice V Auto Park Assist demo video

  1. I was wondering if it would park between the lines or not. I had a feeling it would just park between the 2 other cars regardless of where they are. I still think the Caprice is a hot looking car.

    • It does really just park in between the cars but it always seemed to be inside the lines even if it was only just by a little bit. Awesome car parked it down by the water yesterday for some pics and spent more time talking to people about the car then taking pics.

      • Holden have really moved the bar with this model, had so many people commenting on how good it looked.
        I was talking to one woman about it and after telling her everything it had in it I asked her what she thought you’d pay for it and she said $120,000 she couldn’t believe it when i said the retail price was $59,990

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