Project Pimp My Astra is back

Gordy the Astra

Gordy the Astra

I am happy announce that i am about to restart Project Pimp my Astra, originally the project started in the beginning to fix up my Dad’s old Astra to be a nice decent cruiser and take him for one last cruise in it before he passed away.

Unfortunately my Dad passed away at the beginning of this year before I could get anything done on the car.

After Dad passed away I lost total interest in doing anything to the car as my big plan was to get it done before he passed.

So basically we’ve just been driving it around and that’s about it only thing I’ve done to it since the start of the year was put petrol in it and occasionally air in the tyres.

It was Dad’s birthday the other day and for some reason I found myself having a close look at the Astra, and it’s really starting to look sad. This brought back memories of how much my Dad really loved this car.

I mean there’s nothing special about it, it’s your standard 1.8L auto TS CD Astra but it was my Dad’s last car and for some reason he really loved it a lot.

So this got me thinking about Dad and the Astra so I’ve decided to restart Project Pimp my Astra but this time I will be to making the car into a fitting tribute to my Dad.

So I’ll give brief run down of what needs to be done on the car.

First things first is getting the mechanical stuff done, its long overdue for a service and the timing belt and water pump are due to be changed as well.

Next on the list will be the brakes, aircon (which only blows hot air) and then the exhaust.

After that I will try and start working on fixing up the outside and the interior, I have some cool ideas for both but right now I am keeping those plans very close to my chest. As this project has a very limited budget and unless a miracle happens and I either win lotto or this project finds a sponsor there is a good possibility that I may have to change my ideas but I will worry about that when I get that far.

Right now priorities are to get the project started and get the parts needed for the mechanical work ordered.

I will be posting regular updates so please check back to catch the latest updates, you can also catch some videos on our youtube page .

You can pick up a limited edition Project Pimp My Astra T-Shirt in our online shop every dollar I can make from sales of the shirts makes me a dollar closer to making the Astra a fitting tribute to my late Dad.
This ones for you Dad.

Like I said this Project has a very limited budget so if you would like to help me with Project Pimp My Astra you can click the link below and add a donation through paypal.

I will Post a quick update unfortunately Project Pimp My Astra has finished for good, I just can’t afford to do any more work on Gordy so he now up for sale thank you for stopping by to check it out.

This decission was extremely hard to make and I have lost many hours sleep over it, and I am extremely sad for this to happen part of me thinks I’m letting my Dad’s memory down but I can’t do the impossible.


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