2014 Mitsubishi Lancer VRX Review

Lancer VRX

Lancer VRX

I Was really interested and a little excited to pick this car since it was going to be first ever Mitsubishi review.
The CJ Lancer has been around for a few years now so just about everyone will be familiar with it’s looks.
The sloping headlight and wide mouth blacked out grille and fog lights give it somewhat aggressive appearance add to that 18inch alloys and the rounded rear hatch with big rear spoiler and the VRX does have sporty look.
Slipping inside and the leather front seats are comfortable the steering only has rake adjustment so it took me a little bit to find the ideal driving position.
The leather rimmed steering has buttons for the audio system and cruise control but my big complaint with it was it is too thin for my liking.
The instruments panel features speedo and rev tacho with an LCD info screen in between them which shows various function including the trip meter and fuel economy.

The dash is a mix of hard plastics and the centre stack contains the 7 inch touch screen for the Mitsubishi’s LINK system which give you Bluetooth and voice activation, audio streaming, CD player with MP3 and AM/FM radio, iPod connectivity, USB. The sound from the Rockford Fosgate® Premium Audio System is very good indeed thank to the 4 speakers, 4 tweeters and a fully sik subwoofa. While the sound was really good the system was cumbersome to use and a pain at times. One huge pain was system would say my USB had been disconnected usually in the middle of a song  then it would restart loosing the playlist I had entered.

I found the Bluetooth was very easy to connect my phone only thing was I found not quite as easy to use as system in cars such Holden’s Mylink and Chryslers Uconnect.
To me the dash is starting to look a little old while there’s is nothing wrong with it and everything including the air conditioning controls are set out well and are easy to use the Lancer is showing it’s age compared to other newer cars in it’s class.
The back seat is comfortable and has decent amount of leg room, being hatch you would expect a decent amount of room in the boot and the back seats fold down for those bigger things you need to carry.

Under the bonnet the VRX is powered by a 2.4L naturally aspirated 4 cyl putting out 125Kw of power and 225nM of torque. The engine is very tractable not being turbo charged means there’s no lag to worry there’s plenty of power available from the get go and it has no trouble at all keeping up with traffic, on the freeway it could probably benefit from an extra that most of it’s competitors have as at highway speeds it tends to be sitting around 3000rpm but really it isn’t using that much then probably thanks to the extra capacity it has over it’s rivals.
The 2.4L is backed by a 5 speed manual the shift action is smooth the clutch has shorter travel then some cars I’ve driven which makes it very easy to use.
On the road the VRX rides smooth and seems to soak up the bumps alright, the big problem I found with the VRX is while it does look sporty the handling wouldn’t be considered sporty. The VRX works up to about 7/10 ths but then doesn’t feel as sure footed this mighten bother some people though as not everyone will want to explore the handling limits of their car.
The steering is light and makes the VRX easy to park, but to tell you the truth it feels a touch wooden to me and  it does lacks the feel some other cars have.

Safety wise the VRX is packed full of safety features including active stability control, traction control, ABS, Electronic Brake Distribution and Mitsubishi’s Brake Assist technology and two ISOFIX child seat anchor points in the rear. The VRX scores bonus points for having a rear view camera, the reverse sensors work great but the audio level of the beeps is extremely low and really could be a lot louder.

So overall I found VRX not a bad car after a week and while it does do things well there are others in class that do them just that much better. The engine combo is great and the clutch is very easy to use and the shift mechanism of the gear box is light and easy to use.
I can understand why I’ve seen quite a few on the road lately as the VRX Lance does offer an attractive package and really I didn’t find a lot wrong with it and it easy to drive. I do know a few people do own them and have never had any issues with them plus you do have the peace of mind of a 5 year/130,000km warranty and capped price servicing for the first 4 years and

For more info on the VRX Lancer or the rest of Mitsubishi’s great range of vehicles visit their website http://www.mitsubishi-motors.com.au


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