New Walkinshaw Holden Colorado Packages

The Xtreme High Rider (left) and the Xtreme Low Rider Holden Colorado packages.

The Xtreme High Rider (left) and the Xtreme Low Rider Holden Colorado packages.

With a heritage that traces back over 40 years the Walkinshaw Automotive Group has made a name for itself by offering Design, Engineering, Distribution, Race Programs, Production and Certification/Compliance services.
Some people just know the Walkinshaw Automotive Group for the awesome upgrade packages they offer for Holden Commodores and HSV’s.
However not only do they offer the aforementioned Commodore and HSV’s upgrade packages, they also offer some rather tasty upgrade packages Holden Cruze’s, Captiva’s and Barina’s. (Infact if I could afford it my Captiva would be taking trip to their workshop).
Not resting on their laurels Walkinshaw Automotive have this time turned their hands to the Holden Colorado as well, today announcing details of two upgrade packages for Holden’s popular light commercial.
Featuring unique Walkingshaw Automotive developed suspension packages and riding on Unique Walkinshaw Automotive 19 x 9” Forged Alloy Wheels in Graphite Black Finish the “Xtreme Low Rider” and “Xtreme High Rider” dramatically improved ride and handling characteristics.
I reviewed the Holden Colorado last year one of the things I was a little critical of was the ride, Walkinshaw Automotive look like they have gone a long way to fixing this issue and i would dearly love to review both models to see the improvements they have made.
Rather then have me rabbit on and drool over these rather tasty looking morsels check out all the details below from Walkinshaw Automotive .


Walkinshaw Automotive 19" wheel on the Xtreme High Rider

Walkinshaw Automotive 19″ wheel on the Xtreme High Rider

Light Commercial Vehicles are acknowledged as one of the strongest growth segments in global and Australian automotive markets. There has been a significant shift in Consumer Buying Criteria where those who once bought on price now care more about quality. The leaps in Customer Value through product innovations such as safety, improved fuel economy and new technology are pulling new customers into the segment. All this combined with changes in demographic trends are producing more potential customers with a strong focus on lifestyle.
Walkinshaw Automotive has recognised the significance and potential of this market and has embarked on a program of enhancements for Colorado that not only feature a level of individualism for the consumer and further addresses one of the key concerns for Colorado owners; the ride and handling.
One of the most important elements of this program is the first ever unique Walkinshaw Automotive designed wheel which when combined with the specified tyre package and the Walkinshaw Automotive engineered suspension modifications provide dramatically improved ride and handling characteristics.

Two distinct packages will be offered as part of the Walkinshaw Automotive Colorado program:
1. The “Xtreme Low Rider” version will reduce the ride height at the rear of the vehicle by approximately 30mm.
2. The “Xtreme High Rider” version will raise the ride height at the front by approximately 50mm and at the rear by approximately 15mm.
3. Both suspension packages offer a ride more indicative of a road car set up and are specifically tuned to suit the 19×9” wheel and tyre package
4. Both carry the Xtreme name plate on the rear tailgate.
5. In addition and as an option a Walkinshaw Automotive Day Time Running Light (DRL) package is also available at additional cost.
All products have been designed and engineered by Walkinshaw Automotive Engineers to meet the exacting standards and high levels of quality that would be expected from an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).
The package has been through a rigorous testing program to ensure there is no impact on the vehicles GVM or load carrying capacity, ESC or speedometer calibration.

 Unique Walkinshaw Automotive 19 x 9” Forged Alloy Wheels in Graphite Black Finish (set of 4)
 Continental Conti Cross Contact UHP 255/55 R19 111H TL XL Road Tyres (Xtreme Low Rider)
 Cooper Zeon LTZ 255/55 R19 111H Off Road Tyres (Xtreme High Rider)
 Unique Walkinshaw Automotive Engineered Suspension Package
 Bilstein Struts, front and rear dampers, bump stops and unique Walkinshaw Automotive developed valve coding.
 Unique Walkinshaw Automotive Engineered Springs with revised spring rates
 Walkinshaw Automotive and Xtreme Decal package
 Walkinshaw Automotive balance of New Vehicle Product Warranty
 Certificate of Authenticity

The packages are applicable to all 2012-2014 built Colorado 4×2 and 4×4 models.
RRP price fitted inc GST are $6,990.00 for both Xtreme Low rider and Xtreme High Rider packages the price for the option DRL kit is $795.00.
Be warned though the Walkinshaw Automotive Colorado Program is only going to be sold exclusively through participating dealers.
Ok so with all the good news there is a little bit of bad news as well, the initial program only runs for July and August and due to limited stock availability there will only be 15 Xtreme Low Rider and 35 Xtremely High Rider packages available per month, the initial run for the DRL kit is 100.
Unfortunately for people living outside of Victoria where Walkinshaw is based most of the initial stock has been taken by Victorian Dealers. .
The good news on the horizon is that more stock is scheduled for production from October to help with demand so don’t worry if you can’t get hold of the one in the initial run.

Massive thanks to the Walkinshaw Automotive Group for the above info and the pics contact them for more details.



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