New Fiat Abarth 595 ‘50th Anniversary’

Fiat Abarth 595 ‘50th Anniversary

Fiat Abarth 595 ‘50th Anniversary

Now I am an unashamed fan of the Fiat 500, Abarth and the Abarth 595 models so I am always excited to hear when a new model arrives in the Fiat showrooms.

Fiat have just announced details of the most powerful and fastest Abarth 595 produced so far, featuring 132Kw, 250nM of torque and a sub 7 second 0-100 km/h time the Abarth 595 50th Anniversary model promises to be a little road rocket.

check out the full details below, big thanks to Fiat Australia for the info and the pics to check Fiats great range of vehicles visit their website

Fiat Australia announces the arrival of the Abarth 595 ‘50th Anniversary’ model – the fastest and most powerful 595 so far.

Only 50 examples of the global limited edition model have been secured for Australia and prices start at $45,000.(MSRP)

“Without doubt the Abarth 595 is an inspirational car for enthusiasts and we’re delighted to have secured 56 ‘50th Anniversary’ models for Australian customers,” revealed Veronica Johns, President and CEO of Fiat Chrysler Australia. “We’re sure some will be snapped-up by collectors but equally, those with a passion for iconic high-performance Italian cars will find the Abarth 595 ‘50th Anniversary’ comprehensively equipped and a delight to drive every day.”

Power comes from Fiat’s scintillating turbocharged, four-cylinder 1.4-litre T-Jet which has been boosted to 132kW/250Nm thanks to an overboost function activated by pressing  the ‘Sport’ button to adjust Electronic Control Unit mapping and turbocharger boost pressure.

Drive is to the front wheels via an electronically actuated ‘Abarth Competizione’ five-speed mechanical gearbox with steering wheel paddles to enhance the engine and cut shift times.

So with 132kW/250Nm, a top speed of 225km/h and sprinting from zero to 100km/h in less than seven seconds, the Abarth 595 ‘50th Anniversary’ is the fastest and most powerful 595 ever produced.

And passers-by will know the Abarth 595 ‘50th Anniversary’ is something out of the box thanks to the ‘Record Monza’ variable back-pressure dual mode exhaust designed to improve engine performance and deliver an inspiring sound over 3,000rpm.

Performance is also guaranteed by sports tyres mounted on 17-inch alloy wheels with 695 Magnesio Grey design embellished by an aggressive red liner.

The style of the exterior renews the historical features of the Abarth 595 without betraying its original spirit.

Unique historical logos are a tribute to the original and are made with the exclusivity and attention to detail typical of Officine Abarth.

The three-layer white paintwork, a contemporary reinterpretation of the 1963 model, and the graphics, are ensured by the traditional handcrafting machining and finishing processes.

Abarth 595 ‘50th Anniversary’ adopts Xenon headlights with dipped and driving light functions for improved light emission and excellent performance in all weather conditions – they deliver three times the light intensity and duration of standard halogen lamps headlights.

A sunroof completes the tribute to the original vehicle.

Fiat Abarth 595 ‘50th Anniversary

Fiat Abarth 595 ‘50th Anniversary

Just as customized and further demonstrating the attention to detail and sporty style of the Abarth 595 ‘50th Anniversary’ is the interior.

Red leather sports seats with white inserts and red stitching, combined with the dashboard, are a modern reinterpretation of the original car.

The historical logo adorns both the black leather (with red inserts) steering wheel and kick plates, giving the Abarth 595 ‘50th Anniversary’ a timeless modernity.

Other standard equipment includes an automatic climate control system with pollen filter, fog lights, CD/MP3 radio with controls on the steering wheel, an Interscope Hi-Fi system and Blue&Me™.

Driving dynamics are enhanced by Dualdrive™ electric power steering with ‘Sport’ function, rear parking sensors and the TTC (Torque Transfer Control) system which optimizes torque transfer to the front wheels to enhance handling without diminishing driving fun.

And to complete the package, Fiat has produced a range of unique accessories to commemorate the Abarth 595 ‘50th Anniversary and which are included as standard – a ‘595’ vintage car cover (very handy for those without off-street parking),’ 595 50⁰ Anniversario’ Italian Independent special edition sunglasses and ‘595 50⁰ Anniversario’ dedicated Tramontaro luggage.

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