Walkinshaw Racing Limited Edition Supercharger Package


If Walkinshaw Performance were involved in the healthcare they would be an insane asylum, but I still trying to work out whether they would be in charge or one of the patients. With the announcement of their limited edition Walkinshaw Racing Supercharger Package for Commodores to celebrate 30 yrs in Australian motorsport.
The packages can be fitted to either the 6.0L V8 you see under the bonnet of Commodores and the 6.2L V8’s that HSV use, which ever engine this package is installed on it is going to make extremely special vehicle indeed.

“This will be a limited edition program with 50 packages to be made available. From the beginning of this process, our goal was to engineer the most powerful upgrade
to date for a road car from WPP without compromising driveability” explains GM Tony Harris.
“Whether fitted to a 6.0ltr or 6.2ltr V8 engine, it produces a level of excitement never felt before from a WPP-enhanced vehicle. It evokes passion in a way that few
can relate to- unless perhaps you drive a V8 Supercar!”

Walkinshaw performance has been offering supercharger packages for a couple of years now nut this is the first time they have offered a cam upgrade as part of the package and as you would expect they have put lots of hours on the test bench making sure this package is spot on.
One thing you can count on from them is exceptional high levels of quality in fact WPP are the first in the after market industry to offer a full driveline warranty which goes to show you how much they value their quality levels.
All products have been developed and engineered by Walkinshaw Performance Engineers to meet the exacting standards and high levels of quality that would be
expected from an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).
The Limited Edition Supercharger Package will be sold exclusively through the WPP’s national network of resellers and will go on sale 15th of October 2014.
Every reseller will offered an allocated share of the 50 packages and for more information on their locations please go to
The package contains the following
Limited Edition WPP 230 Supercharger with Unique Top Cover
Large high flow injectors
Eaton Twin Vortices 2300 Series (TVS) Gen VI rotors
Water to air intercooler package
Custom moulded heater hoses
Cast aluminium coil covers
Unique Walkinshaw Performance injection moulded cold air intake package
Heavy duty serpentine belt drive system utilizing Goodyear ‘Gatorback’ belt
12” long intake runners
Custom moulded intercooler hoses
Self-contained oil system
Walkinshaw Racing Limited Edition Plaque signed by all the current V8 Supercar drivers
Individual build numbers integrated into the top cover
WPP Camshaft and Valve Spring Upgrade, OEM Spec Camshaft, Cam Sprocket, Crank Bolt, Camshaft Bolt Set, Valve Spring Retainers, Valve Stem Locks, Valve Springs Beehive Style.
WPP Ceramic Coated Headers, WPP Dual Active Cat Back Exhaust
WPP Drive Line Warranty
Full dyno tune from an authorised Walkinshaw Performance Centre
Walkinshaw Racing Edition Decals
Walkinshaw Racing Limited Edition Certificate of Authenticity
SP2245 Tool Kit with WP Racing Decal
The package is available for all VE/VF 6.0Ltr 2006 – 2014 and HSV E Series/Gen-F 6.2ltr 2006 – 2014
Pricing $24,490 supplied and fitted.
Power and Torque as tested on
WPP01 6.0ltr 500kW 800Nm
WPP02 6.2ltr 550kW 980Nm

There’s not much else I can say about except I hope I can win lotto before these packages are sold out as it would make an extremely nice addition to my garage.
Massive thanks to Walkinshaw Performance for the above info and pics.

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