Ford Falcon XR8 Sedan Price Announced

New XR8 Falcon

New FG  X XR8 Falcon

Ford Australia has thrown the cat amongst the pigeons with the announcement of prices for the forth coming FG X Falcon range with prices starting at $35,990 it looks like Ford is taking it up to Holden in the pirce. The big news is that the new Supercharged 335Kw XR8 will priced at $52,490 making go head to head with Holden’s SSV Redline.

Although I don’t think things are over just yet there should be a series 2 VF just around the corner so we will see how Holden replies to this message from Ford one thing that can be assured is that Australia buyers are going to be the winner in this little duel with both the VF Commodore and the new FG X offering excellent value for money.

It brings a tear to my eye as a car enthusiast to think that in a couple of years time the Australian made car will be a thing of the past.

Check put all the details below.

Ford Falcon XR8 Sedan Price Announced

2014 Falcon XR8 sedan gains SYNC2™ with Emergency Assistance
2014 Falcon the only Australian-made large sedan boasting EcoBoost technology, six-cylinder performance or V8 sportiness
MELBOURNE, 03 Oct., 2014 – Ford has returned a V8 engine to the Falcon XR Series line-up, with the announcement of the 2014 Falcon XR8 sedan pricing.

The range-topping performance sedan has a Manufacturers’ List Price of:

Six-speed Manual – $52,490* (standard)
Six-speed Automatic – $54,690* (optional)

Falcon Vehicle Line Director, David Wilkinson, said the engineering team had worked hard to ensure the Falcon XR8 delivered the expected ride, handling and stopping power desired in a performance touring sedan.

“We’re very proud of the work that’s gone into the XR8,” he said. “We’ve brought the Boss 5.0-litre, supercharged all-aluminum V8 engine across to the XR Series and it’s the first time a performance V8 has been in the XR Series since 2010.”

Wilkinson said the development team wanted to deliver the ultimate handling performance for customers. “Compared to the last FG Falcon XR8, the 2014 Falcon XR8 has better turn-in, more rear grip, noticeably less body roll and an increased sense of control from behind the driver’s seat.

“Customers will also appreciate the levels of refinement in the new XR8.”

Ford has applied the best-of-the-best FPV GT RSPEC suspension on the Falcon XR8. In contrast to standard GT suspension, the XR8 gains:

Retuned rear dampers and springs
Larger rear stabiliser bar (up from 18 mm to 19 mm)
Retuned front dampers
Stiffer front upper spring mounts
Stiffer front upper control arm bushing
Front and rear suspension geometry adjusted to complement 275 rear tyres
The Boss 5.0-litre, supercharged 32-valve V8 features maximum power of 335 kW at 5,750 rpm and maximum torque of 570 Nm at 2,200-5,500 rpm#.

To match the performance nature of the sporty sedan, the Falcon XR8 features a range of upgrades, including front Brembo 4-piston caliper brakes and rear single-piston caliper brakes, high-specification cooling fan, limited slip differential, heavy duty battery and sports steering gear.

Apart from an upgraded brake package for Falcon XR8 customers, the exterior of the XR8 has been provided with strong visual differences over other XR Series models, with a performance ‘power’ bulge, quad-tipped exhaust system, power side exterior repeater mirrors and unique shadow-line 5-spoke 19-inch x 8.0 (front) / 9.0 (rear) alloy wheels. Front and rear parking sensors are also standard.

A new, bold hero colour, Victory Gold, is also available. Customers can also choose from: Winter White, Lightning Strike, Smoke, Vanish, Silhouette, Kinetic and Emperor.

Visually the distinctive ‘laser-cut’ slim headlamps and W-shaped Daytime Running Lights give the Falcon XR8 a purposeful stance, complemented by the performance design cues. At the back the new rear bumper with split tail lamps feature LED technology, complementing the new sculpted boot lid with rear spoiler and the quad exhaust system.

Inside is new perforated leather seat trim with grey inserts with contrasting Shadow trim on the headliner and upper areas of the cabin, alloy scuff plates, rain sensing wipers, Dual Zone Climate Control, Satellite navigation with Traffic Message Channel, Sports XR instrument cluster, Sports shifter, Sports seats, Sports pedals, Sports steering wheel, along with a rear reverse camera.

As with the rest of the Falcon range, the XR8 gains the SYNC2™ system with an 8’’ high-resolution touch screen, Emergency Assistance, Digital Radio (DAB+) and Wi-Fi hotspot.

The pricing of the Falcon XR8 sedan complements the announcement of new MLPs for the rest of the 2014 Falcon sedan, which are:

Falcon 4.0L Petrol (auto) $35,900*
Falcon 2.0L EcoBoost (auto) $35,900*
Falcon XR6 4.0L Petrol (manual) $35,590*
Falcon XR6 4.0L Petrol (auto) $37,790*
Falcon XR6 Turbo 4.0L Petrol (manual) $42,990*
Falcon XR6 Turbo 4.0L Petrol (auto) $45,190*
Falcon G6E 4.0L Petrol (auto) $40,110*
Falcon G6E 2.0L EcoBoost (auto) $40,110*
Falcon G6E Turbo 4.0L Petrol (auto) $46,550*
Like the rest of the Falcon range, the Falcon XR8 will come with myFord Capped Price Servicing as standard, which also includes the addition of auto club membership and roadside assistance.

myFord Capped Price Servicing is Ford’s commitment to a service experience customers can trust.

Customers can check out in full myFord Capped Price Servicing terms and conditions at

Falcon Details

Parking Sensors

All Falcon sedan models now have front and rear parking sensors as standard.

The front sensors can be active when the gearshift is in any position other than Park (P) and the vehicle speed is below 10 km/h. The system is activated by engaging reverse, or pressing the park aid button on the instrument panel.

The sensors cover an area of up to 70 centimetres from the front of the vehicle and 15 to 35 centimetres to the side of the front end of the vehicle.

The front and rear parking sensors sound an audible warning when obstacles are near either bumper in the following manner:

Objects detected by the front sensors are indicated by a high pitched tone from the front radio speakers.
Objects detected by the rear sensors are indicated by a lower pitched tone from the rear radio speakers.
The sensing system reports the obstacle that is closest to the front or rear of the vehicle. For example, if an obstacle is 60 centimetres from the front of the vehicle and, at the same time, an obstacle is only 40 centimetres from the rear of the vehicle, the lower pitched tone sounds.
Alternating warning sounds from the front and rear if there are objects at both bumpers that are closer than 25 centimetres.
Rear Camera with Overlays

A reversing camera is now standard on all Falcon sedans.

The camera system has been enhanced for Falcon and includes three different guides to help the driver identify what is behind the vehicle:

Fixed Guidelines show the path of the vehicle while reversing in a straight line, with green, yellow and red distance indication
Active Guidelines are shown when you steer the steering wheel, showing your intended path. Active guidelines fade out when the steering wheel is straight.
Centreline helps align the centre of the vehicle with an object such as a trailer
A manual zoom can be activated to provide a closer view of an object behind the vehicle. In this mode only the centreline is shown.

Human Machine Interface (HMI) with SYNC2

The intuitive HMI layout and design has been improved across the Falcon range, including the performance XR8 sedan, with voice control across the range.

The revised HMI includes SYNC2 with a new graphic display system utilising layers and colours to aide navigation of menus and connected functions. The system is easy to use and displays a primary source of information for the vehicle’s comfort and convenience systems.

With a four-quadrant colour touch screen, it is designed to be both engaging and easy to use. The menu allows customers to adjust and personalise audio, climate, phone and various other settings of the in-car convenience and comfort systems.

All Falcon models are also fitted with an 8″ high-resolution colour touch screen, a traditional HMI button interface and voice control to access systems such as:

Entertainment system controls
Climate control settings
Phone information
Satellite navigation with Traffic Message Channel (XR8)^
Voice Control System

All Falcon models now have the convenience of SYNC2’s voice control system as standard.

The in-car functions that can be controlled by voice include entertainment, climate, phone, satellite navigation and general settings.

New introductions to the system include pushing the voice control button and saying “I’m hungry” to bring up a list of local restaurants. SYNC2 can also be used to call up the restaurant to make a reservation, then provide guidance to the location with turn-by-turn directions.

Other natural language commands include “warmer” to turn up the air conditions, or “Temperature 20 degrees” for more specificity.

SYNC2 also understands Australian addresses so the driver can use voice control to say the whole address at once and SYNC2 will intuitively work it out.

Audio System

SYNC2 offers multiple audio options including:

Audio files/music streaming from compatible smartphones via USB or Bluetooth®*
Audio files from connected USB devices including memory sticks, flash drives, external self-powered hard drives
SD card slot: Play and browse audio files from SD cards (note: SD slot in Titanium is used for Satellite Navigation software)
CD/MP3/WMA: Play and browse the contents of an MP3/WMA CD or CD
Auxiliary input: Play audio from a connected MP3/other audio devices
iPhone and iPod Integration

There is a fully integrated interface between the iPod unit and the vehicle’s audio system on all Falcon models.

It allows the user to control the iPod player through SYNC2, HMI buttons or steering wheel mounted buttons and through voice control.

Digital Radio (DAB +)

A DAB+ digital radio is standard on all Falcon models. It provides a high quality audio signal due to digital broadcasting, avoiding any of the interference noises typical of a traditional AM/FM radio station.

Passengers can also see more information, via the touch screen, of what the digital radio is playing. It shows the title and artist of the song, the news headlines, or the latest sports results (note: availability of information displayed is dependent on the broadcast).

Complementing the DAB+ radio system is a dual antenna system on all Falcon models, as well as Wi-Fi hot-spot connectivity.

To improve radio reception Ford has fitted an antenna in the roof and another behind the front bumper.

The Wi-Fi capability creates a wireless network hotspot within the vehicle, thereby allowing other devices such as personal computers or games to be operated in the vehicle.

By using the Wi-Fi feature, everyone in the vehicle can access the internet via a mobile broadband connection inside the vehicle, if a mobile phone supports personal area networking, or if the vehicle is parked outside a wireless hotspot.

Falcon XR8 Prices (Sedan)


Falcon XR8 Sedan 5.0L Petrol MT $52,490* 5.0L Petrol AT $54,690*

*Recommended Manufacturers’ List Price only. As always, the offer price of any vehicle is entirely at the discretion of the Dealer. Prices shown exclude Dealer delivery and statutory charges.


Falcon XR8 Prestige Paint $385, Matching Alloy Spare STD, Leather Seat Trim STD, Tow Pack (1,600 kg rated) $550

STD- Standard, NCO – No Cost Option, N/A – Not available.

*This is the Manufacturer’s List Price for the vehicle only. A number of other components, including a dealer delivery fee, stamp duty, registration, compulsory third party insurance and other statutory charges may be payable by a customer in relation to the purchase of this vehicle. The final transaction price will be as negotiated by the customer with their chosen Dealer.
^Recommended Manufacturer’s List Prices only. Prices shown include GST. The actual selling price for options and accessories (fitted or unfitted) is at the dealers’ discretion.
#Performance data obtained using premium unleaded fuel (98 RON)

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