2015 Hyundai Santa Fe Info and Pricing


2015 Santa Fe Highlander

2015 Santa Fe Highlander


Having driven the current Hyundai Santa Fe and coming away impressed I was very interested this morning when I saw that Hyundai has released details of the 2015 upgrades to the Santa Fe. Featuring drive train, suspension, technology and interior upgrades plus the introduction of a new SR model Hyundai has not only enhanced but expanded the Santa Fe range, check out all the details below from Hyundai Australia.

Award-winning 2015 Santa Fe now even better

  • 2015 upgrade brings new technologies and improved appearance
  • New safety and premium convenience features include:
    • Smart Parking Assist System (SPAS)
    • Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)
    • Hands-free Smart Tailgate
    • Ventilated front seats
    • Panoramic sunroof with ‘ignition off’ function
    • Daytime Running Lights
  • Same award-winning, seven-seater practicality, five-star safety, benchmark drivetrains – suspension now upgraded
  • Sporty SR version will top the range from Q1 2015
  • Value-for-money appeal now incorporates Hyundai’s new Lifetime Capped Price Servicing program and 10-years free Roadside Assistance

17 October 2014 – Hyundai’s award-winning seven-seater Santa Fe has been substantially upgraded for 2015, with even more advanced features on offer.
The 2015 Santa Fe offers the same five-star quality, safety, driveability, affordability, owner peace of mind and practicality that won its predecessor a string of awards – including the much-coveted Australia’s Best Cars Award in the SUV $45-$65K category.
However, its significant model year 2015 enhancements – together with Hyundai’s recently-announced Lifetime Capped Price Servicing and 10-year Roadside Assist – mean Hyundai’s impressive seven-seater SUV now offers even better value for money.
The 2015 Santa Fe brings a darker chrome grille, together with new Daytime Running Lights and Cornering Lights across the three-level Santa Fe range. These subtle new features further enhance the Santa Fe’s refined Fluidic Sculpture design.
The updated vehicle retains Hyundai’s stylish 17-inch (Active), 18-inch (Elite) and 19-inch (Highlander) alloy wheels. All three equipment levels still come as standard with a full-sized alloy spare wheel.
2015 Santa Fe’s new technology and premium convenience features are truly impressive.
oth mid-spec Elite and range-flagship Highlander now come standard with Hyundai’s Smart Tailgate, with hands-free operation. Rather than requiring a foot-sweep under the rear bumper, as used by other such systems in this class, the Santa Fe’s tailgate is operated by the sensor in the vehicle’s proximity key. Stand near the back of the car for three seconds and the boot opens automatically.
The top-spec 2015 Santa Fe Highlander ups the technology ante even further with standard Lane Departure Warning and – perhaps most convenient of all – Hyundai Smart Parking Assist (SPAS), which parks the vehicle automatically.

The 2015 Santa Fe’s Smart Parking Assist System uses an ultrasonic wave sensor to measure an available parking space and automatically controls the steering wheel when the vehicle is in reverse gear. The system offers high levels of convenience to drivers who might otherwise be apprehensive about reverse parking. SPAS detects obstacles at the front and rear of the vehicle while calculating optimal parking distances from the kerb as well as from vehicles parked in front of and behind the Santa Fe.
The Santa Fe Highlander now also comes with Front Parking Sensors.
The vehicle’s new Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) activates a warning light and alarm in the event of an unintended lane departure.
2015 Santa Fe Highlander’s technologically advanced standard convenience features now also include ventilated leather/leatherette front seats and a panoramic sunroof which now allows operation after the vehicle is switched off.
The revised model’s hardware changes have given Hyundai’s accomplished Australian Product Planning and Engineering team an opportunity to fine-tune their award-winning flagship SUV.
The upgraded vehicle now features new front wheel bearings, redesigned front knuckles, and changes to various suspension bushes throughout.
“Those fundamental changes to the chassis gave us a chance to revisit the Santa Fe for Australian conditions,” says Andrew Tuitahi, Hyundai Motor Company Australia’s Senior Manager Product Planning. “And we’re confident that the results speak for themselves.”
Tuitahi says 2015 Santa Fe’s chassis changes affected its lateral stiffness, steering response and resistance to understeer. All of which gave HMCA’s team ample opportunity to apply its expertise to further improve the vehicle’s dynamics.
A thorough and detailed local development program combined exhaustive on-road evaluations and advanced computer modeling, with HMCA’s team evaluating 64 different combinations of springs and dampers for the 2015 Santa Fe.
In all, 85 different damper combinations were evaluated – 59 at the rear and 26 up front – while rear spring rates eventually were increased by four percent, partly to improve Santa Fe’s load-carrying ability.
“The stiffer rear springs also improve turn-in,” says Andrew Tuitahi. “That’s given us a more responsive car, with a higher yaw rate and better mid-corner response to throttle adjustments.”
Other changes were primarily made to dampers.
“We focussed mainly on damper flow characteristics: how we could best achieve a very similar force to what we already had, while making it smoother, calmer, and more comfortable. We concentrated on making the transition changes – when the damper changes from compression to rebound – as smooth as possible,” says Tuitahi.
The team was also able to take advantage of a newly revised MDPS (motor driven power steering) system. The upgraded Santa Fe incorporates both a new steering ‘gearbox’ and a switch to quicker 32-bit computer processing – rather than the predecessor model’s 16-bit system. The steering changes have made the Santa Fe’s innovative Flex Steer system even more impressive, with greater weight and feel differences between the three modes.
Vehicle dimensions and kerb weights remain unchanged.
Engine choice is: Theta-II 2.4-litre (141kW and 242Nm) GDi petrol or R2.2-litre CRDi turbo-diesel (145kW and 421Nm in manual form, 436Nm for the automatic), both powerful and economical four-cylinders.
A six-speed manual transmission (Active equipment level only) and advanced six-speed automatic with electronic sequential manual mode (available in Active, Elite and Highlander levels) share Hyundai’s advanced Active On-Demand 4WD system, which features Advanced Traction Cornering Control (ATCC). ATCC delivers torque vectoring by using an active AWD coupling combined with the braking system to immediately and transparently reduce understeer and improve lateral stability.
Benchmark performance and driveability are made even more appealing by the 2.2-litre CRDi-engined 2015 Santa Fe’s combined 6.6L/100km (six-speed manual) and 7.3L/100km (six-speed automatic) fuel economy and the 2.4-litre GDI’s combined 9.0L/100km (six-speed manual and auto).
From the first quarter of next year, the 2015 Santa Fe lineup will include a sporty SR version of the popular SUV, which joins the acclaimed Veloster SR Turbo, i30 SR and Accent SR in the Hyundai range. Featuring an eye-catching sports bodykit, Brembo brakes, H&R performance springs, matte-black Oz Racing wheels and Michelin Latitude Tour high-performance tyres, the Santa Fe SR is the ideal ‘range topper’ for Hyundai’s sporting SR sub-brand.
Using the Santa Fe sports package formulated by Hyundai Motor Corporation’s Customising Team in Korea as a base, the new SR flagship of Hyundai’s outstanding SUV also came in for some Australia-focused development work.
The SR’s Brembo brakes feature four-piston monobloc front calipers and two-piston rears. Overall disc diameter and thickness also have been increased. The result is a marked improvement in stopping power over the standard 2015 Santa Fe’s already-impressive braking performance.
Dimensions of the Sport Pack’s new 19” Oz Racing Versilia performance alloy wheels are unchanged over those available on the top-spec 2015 Santa Fe Highlander. However, the new wheels offer better caliper clearance than the standard wheels.
“Plus they look great,” says Andrew Tuitahi. “The matte finish and distinctive styling really makes the red Brembo calipers ‘pop’.”
The new Santa Fe SR also features high-performance 235/55 R19 Michelin Latitude Tour tyres.
“For the Santa Fe SR we’re sticking with the standard engine while offering unique, sportier styling, improved braking performance and higher-specification tyres,” says Tuitahi.  “Combined, these attributes make a significant difference in terms of lateral grip and cornering, and so too do the springs in terms of feel and response.

“I think we’ve ticked a lot of the right boxes. In terms of sports SUVs, at our pricepoint I don’t think there are any direct competitors for this vehicle.”
Pricing for the Santa Fe SR will be announced closer to launch in Q1 2015.








2.4L GDi Petrol

6 Speed Manual


6 Speed Automatic



2.2L CRDi Diesel

6 Speed Manual


6 Speed Automatic




* All prices are Manufacturer’s List Price. Price excludes dealer delivery and on road costs


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