How to Use Roundabouts in NSW



Being a car reviewer means that I spend a little bit of time on our roads, so I’ve witnessed some very questionable driving over the years.
So it really makes me wonder how many people either don’t know the road rules or simply just choose to ignore them either way these people shouldn’t be on our roads and choosing to ignore road rules to me means you are danger to everyone on the road around you.
One of the things I see people getting wrong all the time is the correct way to enter and exit a roundabout I’ve decided to put the rules up to help people out.
Now I live in NSW so these rules come directly from the NSW Roads & Maritime Services web site.
When you are coming to a roundabout you have to indicate what you are going to do.
You must give other road users sufficient notice of your intention to turn.
When entering a roundabout you must stop and give way to any cars already in the roundabout, you must continue to indicate.
When turning LEFT you must indicate LEFT and be in the in LEFT hand lane unless the road marking show other instructions. When exiting you must stay in the same lane.
If you are going straight ahead you do not need to signal when approaching the roundabout,
You can approach the roundabout in any lane unless there are road markings stating what lane you must be in to continue straight ahead.
If you are turning RIGHT you must be in the RIGHT lane unless there are road markings with other instructions. You must indicate RIGHT when approaching.
Making a U-turn or chucking a Uie, When approaching you must be in the right lane and indicate right.
You are permitted to change lanes in a roadabout but normal lane changing road rules apply, you must indicate and give way to any vehicle in the lane you want to move into.
When exiting a roundabout you must indicate left if it’s practical to do so and stop indicating as soon as you leave the roundabout. IE. When traveling straight on a small single lane roundabout it may be impractical to indicate.
These are simple rules and very easy to understand and follow along the lines of other road rules.


For more info on the NSW road rules please visit the NSW RMS website
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