New FIAT 500


Ok so it’s not a big secret I’m a bit of a Fiat fan specially the Fiat 500, so today Fiat has released details of the new Fiat 500 which some new changes to the front and rear ends plus a whole bunch of interior changes and improvements.

Check out all the details below massive thanks to the FCA group for the info and pics.

New FIAT 500 Revealed: Iconic Italian Style, Evolved

  • New FIAT 500 unveiled with new exterior and interior style
  • Highlights include revised design with new headlamps, grills, chrome brightwork and LED daytime running lights
  • Rear enhancements include innovative new ‘empty’ light clusters
  • Interior revisions include new UconnectTM infotainment systems across the range, enhanced comfort and numerous detail improvements
  • High standard safety specification includes seven airbags and a full suite of active safety systems

In Brief
July 4 has always been a red-letter date for the FIAT 500. A symbol of mass motorisation in Italy, of which almost 3.8 million were sold, the original FIAT 500 was introduced on this day in 1957. Exactly fifty years later, on July 4 2007, FIAT chose to celebrate that heritage by introducing the new FIAT 500, a car which embodied the same spirit and personality as the original and which has also enjoyed phenomenal success all over the world.
Eight years on, with over 1.5 million vehicles produced, the torch is now being passed to the new FIAT 500 with which FIAT is preparing to take on new market challenges without forgetting its illustrious roots. Centro Stile FIAT has refreshed the exterior and interior of the new vehicle, retaining the unmistakable 500 look that has made it such a global success, but at the same time making it even more attractive and contemporary. It has not grown in size but it has grown in maturity with advanced technologies, improved efficiency and even more customisation ideas. In this way, FIAT has carefully evolved and refined the features which made it an Italian masterpiece in the first place.
Available in two body styles (hatchback and convertible), the new FIAT 500 is a cut-above in terms of standard features. All models have LED daytime running lights, seven airbags and an Uconnect infotainment system with six speakers, AUX-IN/USB ports and steering wheel remote controls as standard equipment.
Bold and seductive, the new FIAT 500 benefits from several key and innovative detail changes, all designed to enhance the ownership experience and refine its inimitable style. Most noticeable are the new front headlights with LED daytime running lights and the new rear light clusters, not to mention the revised colour palette, the revamped dashboard and the improved materials used throughout. The updates are substantial, with a focus on technological evolution, but loyal to the unmistakable 500 style so as not to upset the successful balance of exclusivity and accessibility it embodies.
The FIAT 500 is a global best-seller with a quintessentially Italian heart – elegant and stylish but also affordable and packed with fun – and with its carefully considered enhancements, new FIAT 500 will undoubtedly reassert itself as the benchmark in its segment from every perspective.
Lingotto in Turin
Lingotto in Turin was chosen for the world première of the new FIAT 500. Opened in 1923, the FIAT factory was famed for unusual production process, which worked its way upwards through the building floors with completed vehicles emerging onto its functional test track on the roof. Designed by architect Le Corbusier, Lingotto became a symbol of burgeoning Italian industrialisation even before it was completed.
After being decommissioned, Lingotto was renovated to suit the needs of a changing urban fabric but despite the comprehensive interior refurbishment it maintained its symbolic exterior appearance unaltered. As a result, Lingotto remains an important landmark in Turin thanks to the manner in which it has been evolved and adapted over time while remaining true to its tradition, not unlike the iconic FIAT 500, which is why it was selected as the launch venue for this important vehicle.
Iconic Italian Style
An important element of the appeal of the 500 has always been its compact shape. The new car retains its city-friendly dimensions – 357cm long, 163cm wide and 149cm tall with a wheelbase of 230cm – but the design of the front and rear ends has been refreshed to ensure the identity of the 500 remains. The exterior style of the New FIAT 500 expresses all the distinctive elements which characterised the 1957 original, but now reasserts this appeal with more a contemporary look and additional technical content.
The most obvious reference to the past can be found at the front end: The new FIAT 500 retains the “face” of its predecessors with headlights which are still circular in shape, but have a more dynamic slant to convey a bolder and more confident gaze. These clusters integrate the dipped-beam headlamps and turn signals and use innovative polyellptical modules for improved night vision and better safety. The lower light cluster integrates the main beam headlights and LED daytime running lights, which adopt the circular profile of the lamp to reproduce the zeroes of 500 – allowing the new FIAT 500 to stand out even when it’s dark.
The rear of new FIAT 500 is transformed by the addition of exclusive new ’empty’ light clusters comprised of an innovative ring-shaped structure with body-coloured centres. Thanks to these new clusters, which are unique to the segment, light appears to emanate from the bodywork like an illuminated tattoo. The rear fog light and reversing light, are relocated to the edges of the redesigned bumper trim, finished either in black or chrome depending on model. This division is functional and guarantees greater light efficiency. Naturally, the new FIAT 500 retains the large chrome grab handle that is deliberately reminiscent of the number-plate light of the original FIAT 500.
The profile is instantly recognisable as a 500, with minimal overhangs and a very short bonnet, while its beltline is slightly inclined towards the front to give new FIAT 500 a tough, confident stance. New alloy wheel designs are also introduced for the new FIAT 500, offered in 15- and 16-inch sizes and available in a variety of finishes including an elegant diamond-cut design. The colour palette now totals 13 hues (seven pastels, one solid and five metallic) including two new colours: Glam Coral and Avant-garde Bordeaux.
Elegance and Innovation Inside
The interiors are extensively revised, most noticeably in terms of dashboard design: it now integrates the advanced Uconnect infotainment across the range. The unit is not only easier to read and more intuitive to use, it also improves connectivity and functionality. The dashboard dome and air vents are also redesigned to accommodate the new unit.
In place of the audio system of the previous 500, the new UconnectTM system now takes pride of place in middle of the dashboard of the new FIAT 500. The system includes; FM/AM radio; remote controls on the steering wheel; AUX-IN and USB ports and six speakers as standard.
The new steering wheel features new remote control buttons which are easier to operate and, thanks to their chrome-plated edging and high-quality materials, more pleasant to touch and to behold. The circular instrument cluster, with analogue dials for speed and engine revs and digital secondary gauges, is retained for Pop models, while the innovative seven-inch TFT display, developed in collaboration with Magneti Marelli – the international leader in the design and manufacture of high-tech automotive systems and components – is also available. The driver can monitor data from the speedometer, odometer and trip computer simultaneously at a glance, while the central section of the display – sporting an image of the car – can be configured to show distance travelled, fuel consumption, range, trip time etc. Warning messages and the Gear Shift
Indicator, which advises when to shift gear to maximise fuel-efficiency, are also displayed in this cluster in a highly visible manner.
The front seats adopt a more ergonomic shape and the interior upholstery is available in nine colour combinations with contrasting “crescent” upper portions and head restraints in black or ivory eco-leather. Black, Bordeaux or Frau leather upholstery is also available (depending on model); with embroidered 500 logos on the crescent and contrasting bolster accents.
Further enhancements include a new lidded glove box on the passenger’s side and a revised centre console with new cup holders and a relocated 12V power socket. New electric window switches, which adopt a push-down-pull-up operation, complete the visible interior revisions, while additional soundproofing panels in the wheelhouse and firewall making the passenger compartment even more comfortable and refined.


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