Abarth Biposto 695

Ok so regular readers of will know that I’m a bit of a Fiat fan so you would not be surprised that I’m a little bit excited hear about the introduction of the Abarth Biposto 695.
While I’m drooling over the pics and the sub 6 sec 0-100kph, front intercooler, Akrapovic exhaust system, adjustable shocks, Abarth Corsa by Sabelt seats with 4-point seat belts, Brembo brakes and lightened 18in OZ rims check out all the details below.
Big thanks to the FCA group for the info and pics.

Abarth Biposto 695 arrives down under: Australia’s first production car with an available race-spec dog-ring gearbox ready to roar on local roads
The first street-legal production car available with a race-style, H-pattern gearbox complete with dog rings – offering rapid-fire, clutch-free gear changes
An all-aluminium turret with ‘H’ configuration gear selection, worthy of a true supercar
The race gearbox is created with the racing car transmission expertise of Bacci Romano
The 695 Biposto is also available with a five-speed manual synchromesh transmission as standard
Equipped with punchy 1.4-litre T-Jet engine tuned to generate a staggering 140kW and 250Nm
At just 997kg dry weight, the 695 Biposto offers a power-to-weight ratio of just 5.2kg/hp and a blistering Zero-100km/h time of 5.9secs
Race-ready set up includes front intercooler, Akrapovic exhaust system, adjustable shock absorbers, Abarth Corsa by Sabelt seats with 4-point seat belts (when fitted with ‘Track Kit’), Brembo braking system, lightened 18-inch OZ rims and rear titanium roll bar by Poggipolini
Available now on a pre-order basis from Fiat dealers Australia-wide from $65,000 (MSRP)
September 11, 2015: The world’s smallest supercar has touched-down in Australia, offering performance fans the country’s first genuine road-legal race car that can be equipped with the race-spec dog-ring gearbox.
The Abarth 695 Biposto – the road-going version of the Asseto Corse race car – can be optioned with a race-ready gearbox featuring dog-rings, making upwards gear changes so rapid that expert drivers don’t need to use the clutch.
Used in race cars across the globe, the gearbox works like a normal manual transmission in everyday traffic, but offers expert drivers the ability to perform rapid-fire upshifts without using the clutch.
The driver interface is a genuine work of art: an all-aluminium turret with ‘H’ configuration gear selection, worthy of a true supercar, and is right at home in the performance-focused Abarth 695 Biposto.
This is unique, exclusive content, created with the racing car transmission expertise of Bacci Romano, is suited to expert drivers and offered as an option to the standard five-speed manual gearbox.

Officially the fastest street-legal Abarth ever produced, the 695 Biposto is a perfect fusion of stunning style and exhilarating performance. Weighing just 997kg and with a 1.4 T-Jet engine tuned to 140kW and 250Nm, the 695 has both a sensational power-to-weight ratio (5.2kg/hp) and incredible speed (0-100km/h in 5.9 sec), and is capable of a blistering maximum of 230km/h.
It’s not just the 695’s gearbox that’s race-ready. There’s also the track-spec intercooler and the oval trumpet airbox with carbon finish designed by BMC – a world leader in racing filters and air intakes. Then there’s the dual-stage exhaust system with titanium tail pipes by Akrapovic – a high-end specialist that produces competition exhaust systems for Moto GP, Superbike, Supersport, Supermotard, Motocross, Enduro and rally raid.
Pressing the dash-mounted Sport button opens the exhaust valve completely, which improves performance and fills the car with the powerful, unmistakable sound of a supercar at speed.
Its racing set-up is completed by the optional front fixed windows with polycarbonate sliding panels (auto windows as standard) and its lightened 18-inch rims by OZ fitted with 215/35 R18 tyres.
The racing spirit of the 695 Biposto continues with the rear titanium roll bar by Poggipolini, a company renowned for extremely high-precision machining and for structural and weight-reduction solutions.
Finally, the 695 Biposto can be equipped with a data logger from MLX, a world leader in data acquisition and display technology for motorsport and racing, to track lap and acceleration times with pin-point accuracy.
The Abarth 695 Biposto matches supercar performance with class-leading reliability and safety, with ABS, ESP and TTC (Torque Transfer Control) – which applies the brake to any wheel that loses traction, instead of cutting power – disc and clutch self-locking differential and the racing-derived Brembo braking system with front floating, ventilated and perforated discs (305×28 mm) and four-piston one-piece calipers (4×38 mm).
The car is also equipped with shock absorbers with hydraulic and height adjustment by Extreme Shox, a leading European provider of dynamic solutions for vehicles used from F1 to Rally, as well as the Le Mans series and the WTCC.

The 695 Biposto’s stunning design ensures it has the supercar looks to match its performance. Its exterior elements – such as the front and rear bumpers, side skirts, wheel arches and spoiler – are more pronounced and enhanced by carbon inserts.
The bodywork is characterised by a brand-new textured-effect Matt Grey colour, and further enhanced by titanium finishes for the front bonnet trim, door handles and tailgate and rear handle. The metal also features on the hub caps, wheel bolts and water, oil and fuel caps.
An optional bonnet has a specific design with two bumps, inspired by the classic 124 Abarth, and is made of aluminium, a homage to the cars of the past and as a technical solution to reduce the weight of the car. The ‘Carbon Kit’ option sees the mirror and post covers made of carbon, which also provides an aesthetic link between exterior and interior, with its carbon dashboard fascia inserts, front and rear panels, central tunnel cover and handbrake.
The rear compartment features an anti-intrusion net for securing luggage. The four-point seat belts are also attached to the roll bar, and are made by Sabelt, a major producer of seat belts and seats for race cars in Italy.
The same is true of the Abarth Corsa by Sabelt seats, with upholstery comprising electro-welded Alcantara and titanium-coloured leather with brand-new colours and finishes for this special Abarth.
As in 1964, when Abarth put a series of accessories intended to enhance aesthetic and dynamic characteristics as well as safety on the price list, customisation is still king today. The 695 Biposto breaks down the offer into three customisation kits.
The ‘Special Kit 124′ brings together all the ‘resistant and light’ materials that characterise the car’s exterior: aluminium bonnet with specific design, hub caps and wheel bolts and water, oil and fuel caps in titanium.
With the ‘Carbon Kit’, you can give the 695 Biposto the look of a true supercar: carbon is added to the mirror and post covers on the outside, and to the dashboard fascia, front door panel and rear-view mirror on the inside.
The ‘Dog Ring’ kit adds the stunning racing gearbox, and includes the specific ‘Dog Ring’ gearbox, light flywheel and copper racing clutch, Ergal gearbox lever, carbonfibre central tunnel console and a carbonfibre handbrake cover with titanium handle.
For those with racing in their blood, Abarth has designed a ‘Track Kit’ with accessories that derive directly from the world of racing, like the digital data logger and the four-point seat belt attached to the seats with carbon shell.

Preliminary Specifications
Engine: 1.4 T-JET Maximum Power 140kW@5500RPM Maximum Torque 250Nm@3000RPM
Transmission: Five-speed manual or ‘Dog Ring’ gearbox
Acceleration: 0-100km/h in 5.9sec
Top Speed: 230km/h
Dry Weight: 997kg
Consumption (combined): 6.5L/100km CO2 Emissions 155g/km

image128287_b image128286_b image128288_b image128285_b image128284_b

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