2015 Hyundai i40 Tourer Series II Diesel Review


With SUV’s all the rage in Australia at the moment I wanted to check out an alternative that offers more boot space some SUV’s, returns better economy and would perform the weekly duties better than most SUV’s.
Before the SUV station wagons were the thing people bought if you wanted more boot space than a normal family car, and while mid size car’s aren’t really setting the sales charts alight there are several mid size station wagons on the market that would make a better alternative.
The Hyundai i40 Tourer is one of those of cars, from the outside the i40 Tourer to me looks better then every SUV on the market.
It’s low sleek looks are not something a lot people would expect from a family wagon and nothing you would expect from an SUV, add to that attractive 18inch alloys and LED day time running lights at the front and in my opinion the i40Tourer looks fantastic from any angle.
Step inside and I found the fit and finish to be really good and the front seats which are heated and cooled are not only comfortable but there is oodles of legroom the power adjustment with lumber support made it extremely easy to find the right driving position and the memory function made sure you wouldn’t loose it.
The leather bound multi function steering wheel is not only comfortable to hold but also a nice thickness.
The instrument panel is not only attractive looking but easy to see any any light I specially liked the way the temp gauge and gear indicator is in the middle of the tacho and fuel gauge is in the middle of the speedo. Between the gauges is an LCD screen which can be used to display a myriad of reading from the trip computer.
The dash well shaped and covered in soft touch plastic which felt nice to the touch, the centre stack contains the 7 inch touch screen for the multimedia system.
The system which has full Bluetooth connectivity worked extremely well and like most other Hyundai’s I’ve driven one of the fastest system to connect your phone up to, The StaNav works extremely well and is very easy to use.
Rear seat not only has a great amount of legroom but is comfortable as well and the rear aircon vents meant rear passengers will stay cool in summer and warm in winter, boot space is wonderful at 506l which stretches to 1672l with the rear seats folded down.
Under the bonnet and the i40 Tourer is powered by a 1.7L turbodiesel pushing out 104kW and 340Nm of torque.
What a cracker of a little engine it is, the diesel is not only extremely tractable but will easily keep up with traffic even with 5 on board thanks to it’s low torque.
On the highway and it will sit nicely on the speed limit hardly doing any work at all.
Now while I expected the fuel economy to be good I didn’t expect it to be as good as it was my first trip in it netted 7.4L/100km, the i40 Tourer is easily the most efficient car I’ve driven all year.
For the 2 weeks I had the car with a mix of bumper to bumper, urban and extra urban driving I returned an amazing 7.7L/100km in the end, I did roughly 823 km during that time and when I returned it the dash was telling I could still go another 120km. It worked out that this car would easily do over a 1000km in a tank on the freeway.

Backing the diesel is Hyundai’s new 7 speed dual clutch that I thought worked was extremely well, there is a touch of shudder at part throttle which seems to be the case with most DCT’s but in normal driving there shifts seemed to be smooth and it picked the right gear for the situation most times.
It also comes with wheel mounted paddle shifters which worked really well and put some fun into driving the i40.
The i40 Tourer also has a selectable driving mode, Eco mode works well for economy and the sport mode made it a touch fun to drive by holding onto the gears a bit longer but my favourite mode was normal which just seemed to be perfect compromise with the other 2 modes.
On the road I found the Tourer rode rather well indeed and seemed to soak up most bumps including the ones that frequent Sydney’s B grade back roads.
I found the steering a touch vague but this isn’t a race car and nor should it be driven like one the i40 Tourer is the perfect family car for cruising, commuting and long distance trips.

Safety wise the i40 has received a 5 star safety rating and comes equip with a massive list of safety features including 9 airbags, ABS, brake force distribution, lane departure warning, blind spot warning, brake assist, smart parking assist system, lane keeping assist system. Not only does it have front and rear parking sensors but gets bonus points for me for having a rear view camera.

After 2 weeks the i40 diesel Tourer has proven to me unless you need more than 5 seats you really should be crossing any SUV off the list for your next family car and adding this car to it.
It’s comfortable to drive and ride in, it has ample room for 5 people, it rides and drives better than any SUV and it’s going to be cheaper run thanks to it’s awesome fuel economy.
Besides that the i40 Tourer looks better than any SUV on the market and comes extremely well equip and has a massive list of safety features and boot space that some SUV’s would be jealous of.
If your thinking about a new family car then do yourself a favour and take one for a test drive before you even think about driving an SUV you will be gald you did. Plus the i40 Tourer is backed by Hyundai’s 5 year warranty and fixed price servicing so you will know in advance how much the services are going to be.
Surf on over to Hyundai’s website http://www.hyundai.com.au or get down to your local Hyundai dealer.

Price: From $47,590
Engine: 1.7 4 cyl turbo diesel, 104kW/340Nm
Transmission: 7 speed DCT
Features: LED daytime running lamps, dual zone climate control, Steering wheel mounted paddle shifters, 7 speaker stereo, front and rear parking sensors, rear vision camera, keyless entry, push button start, cruise control, lane departure warning, lane keeping assist, leather trim, heated and cooled front seats, satnav, Panoramic glass sunroof, LED projection headlamp, rain sensing wipers, smart tailgate, power windows and mirrors.

i40t2 i40t5 i40tt4 i40t1

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