Hankook Tyre Australia Launches New Website

Hankook Tyre Australia Launches New Website

Hankook Tyre Australia have launched their new and improved website.

For many Hankook customers, their initial interaction with the brand is through a visit to the website. With this in mind, it was important for Hankook to strive to create a website that not only meets their own needs, but to satisfy and engage their customers and dealers with a seamless user experience.

Providing all the latest information about Hankook Tyre Australia’s products, corporate activities, sponsorship initiatives and achievements both locally and internationally, it will give all users the power to make educated decisions and assist them with their query.

Hankook Tyre Australia’s National Sales Director, Marc Sibbald, said that the new website reflected the ever-evolving nature and growth of the brand in Australia.

“The new website has been created with a combination of global brand alignment and strong customer focus in mind. The experience of the website resonates with Hankook’s ambition to continuously strive for excellence in the eyes of our dealers and customers.”

“Both our dealers and customers are ever-increasingly utilising online and digital channels and we aim to provide engaging content in an effort to allow all users an additional touch-point with the brand.”

For all Hankook news stories, visit www.hankooktyre.com.au
Hankook’s YouTube channel www.youtube.com/HankookTyre


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