Holden unveils new 24hr Test Drive Program

‘Take Your Time Test Drive’ Astra

‘Take Your Time Test Drive’ Astra

Holden has unveiled a new test drive program with customers now being able to choose to take a Holden home for up to 24hrs in an extended test drive.

The progam which is designed to give buyers more of a chance to take a car home an see how it actually fits in with their situation, it also relieves the pressure of having a salesman looking over your shoulder the whole time you are on a test drive now.

Check out all the details below.


Holden Launches the ‘Take Your Time Test Drive’ with a Commitment to Care for Customers

  • Holden commits to putting customers first and launches their Complete Care commitment
  • Holden launches the ‘Take Your Time Test Drive’, encourageing customers to test-drive the vehicle of their choice for up to 24 hours
  • Follows Holden’s industry-leading Lifetime Capped Price Service program for every Holden ever built

At an exclusive business briefing event held overnight at Holden’s Port Melbourne international Design Studios, the company launched its new customer promise and commitment – Complete Care.

Holden’s Complete Care commitment puts customers at the centre of every decision. Complimenting their existing lifetime capped price service offer, Holden is launching the ‘Take Your Time Test Drive’, encouraging customers take their choice of Holden vehicle for a test drive, at their leisure and in their own time, for up to 24 hours.

Holden’s Executive Director of Customer Experience, Peter Jamieson, said a resolute and unrelenting focus on the customer is the cornerstone of Holden’s transformation plans.

“Holden has made huge strides in customer service with improvements in our customer satisfaction and customer retention. But we still have a lot of work to do and we know that customer service alone isn’t a differentiator – every company talks about customers.

“We need to find more and better ways understand the needs of our customers and find solutions. That comes from really listening to our customers.  It was listening to customers that lead us to introduce the Take Your Time Test Drive.

“Customers told us that the current test drive process wasn’t a great experience. Customers are busy and don’t have the time to take an hour out of their day and don’t like the perceived pressure of having a salesperson next to them. Customers can now take one of our vehicles, when it suits them and test drive the vehicle of choice in their environment for up to 24-hours.

“This complements our industry-leading Lifetime Capped Price Servicing program, covering every Holden ever built, and our innovative Spark test drive campaign, which had us bring cars to our customers to experience.

“Holden has an unrivalled 160-year relationship with Australia and we feel Holden and our 230-strong dealer network right across the country know Australian customers better than any other brand. Our Complete Care customer promise is at the heart of our transformation as we rejuvenate our brand and our business,” said Mr Jamieson.


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