Skaife, Ingall, and Longhurst to team up for Bathurst 12 Hour


Mark Skaife and Russel Ingall sharing a car at Bathurst is one thing myself and thousands of other motorsport fans in this country didn’t think they would see but news today that not only will those two will share a car for the Bathurst 12 hr next year but they would team with former Bathurst 1000 winner Tony Longhurst as well.
Check out all the details below from the BMW team SRM launch

Legends of Mount Panorama combine for BMW Bathurst 12 Hour Campaign

A total of 10 Bathurst 1000 wins will team up in one BMW M6 GT3 for next year’s Bathurst 12 Hour, as three legends of The Mountain put old rivalries aside and join forces for BMW Team SRM.
Mark Skaife, Russell Ingall, and Tony Longhurst will share a BMW Team SRM M6 GT3 at next year’s Bathurst 12 Hour, bringing 10 Bathurst 1000 wins together in one entry for one of the world’s fastest growing endurance events.
And that victory count is reserved for the driving line-up alone, BMW Team SRM boss Steve Richards bringing another four Bathurst 1000 victories of his own to the operation.
Supported by Castrol and Vodafone, the brand-new BMW M6 GT3 will complete the two-car effort for BMW Team SRM, signalling a determined return to Mount Panorama for the brand.
The entry will unite a wealth of Bathurst experience and success to the 12 Hour. Skaife is a six-time winner of The Great Race. One of those wins came alongside Longhurst (2001), while three others were shared with Jim Richards, father of BMW Team SRM boss and lead driver Steve Richards.
Longhurst is a two-time Bathurst 1000 winner himself, having already won in 1988 before adding the second win alongside Skaife in 2001. He was also a class winner at Bathurst in a BMW M3 alongside Richards Snr back in 1987, and took outright honours at the 2009 Bathurst 12 Hour too.
Longhurst is no stranger to the BMW Motorsport family, having raced BMWs in the Australian Touring Car Championship between 1984 and 1987, and then again between 1991 and 1994. He also won the 1994 Australian Super Touring Championship in a BMW 318i.
Ingall is also a two-time Bathurst winner, ‘The Enforcer’ having conquered Mount Panorama twice alongside the great Larry Perkins (1995 and 1997).
He is just as famous, however, for his fiery clash with Skaife at Eastern Creek in 2003. During the final round of that year’s V8 Supercars Championship, the pair had an on-track altercation that resulted in Skaife hitting the wall. The drama continued after Skaife extracted himself from his wrecked car, erupting trackside when Ingall came back past a lap later. Ingall further fuelled the fire by swerving towards an enraged Skaife.
The rivalry is set to be put aside as the pair team up to try and conquer The Mountain one more time next February.
Testing has already began for the Bathurst Legends BMW M6 GT3, with a comprehensive preparation program to continue between now and the 2017 Bathurst 12 Hour.
Russell Ingall:
Firstly, what a great opportunity to drive a true race car in the BMW M6 GT3 around one of the world’s best circuits in Bathurst at the 12 Hour in February. I’m really looking forward to
Who would have thought that myself and Mark Skaife would be pairing up together to do an endurance race? I would say nobody. And when you look at someone like Tony Longhurst, who has been integral in putting this whole programme together, and you look at the Bathurst wins between the three of us, this is people who know how to win Bathurst and are very passionate about racing. It’s going to be fantastic.
Make no mistake, we are taking this seriously. We’re going there to try and win the race.
I’m looking forward to getting to Bathurst and having a big swing at it.

Mark Skaife:
It’s a very exciting project. It’s one of those things that came out of nowhere, really. Who would have thought I’d have a teammate like Russell Ingall at some stage, and to be rejoining
Tony Longhurst after winning in 2001 is fantastic.
We want to go there and do a good solid job. You can’t go to a place like Bathurst and not feel comfortable, you have to go there and be able to drive the car well. I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t think we would enjoy the experience and be able to do it properly.
As a BMW factory effort with Steven Richards Motorsport we’re proud to bring Castrol and Vodafone along as great partners. It’s fantastic for Vodafone to be back in the sport.

Tony Longhurst:
It’s amazing the planning that’s gone in to get to this stage. The BMW M6 GT3 is just an amazing car.
I started my career back in 1984 with Jim Richards, and this will be my last time at The Mountain with Steve Richards. That’s pretty neat. And to do it with BMW, that’s very special for me. The best moments of my career have been in BMWs, but what a difference between the M6 GT3 and the 635 that I drove in 1984. It’s an amazing journey.
It’s a long, long way. It’s a 12 Hour race, and it’s going to be a full field. For the next four months, we have to plan to be very comfortable in the car and make no mistakes. Twelve hours around Mount Panorama is a huge ask.
We’ve got a trick team. We’re very, very fortunate to have Mark and Russell on board, and Steve and this team. We’ve got the cream of the crop. We’ve got the right people around us, no egos, it’s nice and calm.

Steve Richards:
We’ve got three guys that have moved away from racing a little bit, and here’s a great opportunity for them to jump back in to a totally different car and learn a whole new way of driving.
It’s fantastic. It’s going to create so much interest for motor racing in Australia.
We’re very lucky that we’ve been able to put this group together, and that BMW Group Australia are so keen to be back in motorsport and take on this challenge.
This is a very serious campaign. We have expectations of those guys running on the lead lap all day, and at the end of the day seeing where they pop up. With the right driver in the right car at the right time, it can make all the difference at the 12 Hour.
We’re going there with a full-on, two-car attack for that race.

Marc Werner:
This driver line-up is a sign of exactly how serious BMW is taking its return to Mount Panorama.
We are incredibly excited to be teaming up with some genuine Bathurst legends for the Bathurst 12 Hour, a race that is fast becoming not only one of the most prestigious in the country, but a must-win for teams and manufacturers around the world.
Between the two BMW Team SRM entries there is a remarkable amount of Bathurst experience and history. Names like Richards and Longhurst have a great affiliation with BMW, not just at Bathurst, but in Australian motor racing in general. And to see former winners like Skaife and Longhurst driving together again, and bitter rivals like Skaife and Ingall joining forces, this really is fascinating story.
We can’t wait to get BMW back to Bathurst next February.

BMW Team SRM launch, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Thursday 13th October 2016. BMW Team SRM BMW M6 GT3. World Copyright: BMW Ref: Digital Image A60I0026.JPG

BMW Team SRM launch,

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