BMW i8 for NSW Police


BMW i8 – the newest member of the Rose Bay Police squad

The Rose Bay Police Squad is delighted to welcome its newest – and most exotic – member: a stunning new BMW i8.
The world’s most successful plug-in hybrid sports car, the BMW i8 joins the Rose Bay Police Squad wrapped in full police livery and was formally delivered to Police Commander, Superintendent Bradley Hodder today at BMW Sydney, in Rushcutters Bay.
Simon Macedone, Dealer Principal of BMW Sydney, was delighted to present the stunning BMW i8 to Superintendent Hodder and extend the dealership’s support to the Rose Bay Police.
“BMW Sydney has a long history in the Eastern Suburbs, which has been our home for the past 22 years and we’re extending that citizenship with the redevelopment of the BMW Sydney site.
“Our partnership with Rose Bay Police is the perfect way to demonstrate our commitment to the community, while raising awareness and engagement for the station.
“And to top it off we’re delighted to cement our place in the community with the handover of this incredible machine to the Rose Bay Police,” said Macedone.
“The BMW i8 fits the bill perfectly with its high performance, athletic aesthetics and sensational efficiency,” he said.

Rose Bay Police Commander Superintendent Hodder welcomed the arrival of its new fleet member.
“This BMW is the latest in a number of different vehicles that we have utilised at Rose Bay Local Area Command to raise awareness and engage with the community.
“It is a great community engagement tool that will be used at a number of police events to showcase the role police play in the community.
“Rose Bay LAC is very appreciative of the support provided by BMW Sydney and the Rose Bay Chamber of Commerce. This initiative is highly regarded and this vehicle, on loan to the Police Force at no expense to the tax payer, is another example of this support for community engagement,” Superintendent Hodder said.
The i8 will assume its new role within the squad effective immediately, making regular appearances at community events to boost the department’s profile.
This vehicle loan is comprehensively covered by BMW Sydney and at no cost to the tax payer.

BMW i8 Overview:
The BMW i8 was conceived as a plug-in-hybrid sports car from the start, designed to offer strong performance, agile handling and outstanding efficiency.
This concept starts from within. Made of carbon fibre-reinforced plastic, the i8’s passenger cell offers safety and rigidity while staying true to the vehicle’s light weight philosophy.
BMW’s advanced eDrive system highlights the i8’s sustainable performance focus. An efficient yet powerful 1.5-litre turbocharged three-cylinder petrol engine produces 170kW of power and 320Nm of torque. The combustion engine works with a 96kW/250Nm synchronous electric motor that drives the front axle. Combined power and torque outputs are 266kW/570Nm, yet fuel consumption is only 2.1L/100 on the combined cycle.
Supported by a 7.1kWh (5kWh useable) lithium-ion battery pack, the electric motor’s output can be used to power the vehicle for up to 31km on pure electric power, at speeds of up to 120km/h. The electric motor also provides a boost function that enables the all-wheel drive BMW i8 to accelerate to 100km/h from rest in just 4.4 seconds.
Situated low in a central position, the BMW i8’s battery pack is mounted to enable a very low centre of gravity. At 460mm from the ground, the centre of gravity is the lowest among current BMW Group models and ensures near 50:50 weight distribution.
The BMW i8’s battery pack can be recharged via a conventional household power socket, or at a public charging station. Owners also have the option of installing a BMW i Wallbox at their home or office, offering maximum convenience.

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