Kia Stinger Australian Prices

So it’s no big secret that the forth coming Kia Stinger is the car I’ve been most looking forward to seeing released this year.

This morning Kia have released the prices for the performance hero of the range the 3.3L twin turbo V6 pumping out a whooping 272kW of power and 510Nm of torque which will help the Stinger reach 100km/h in 4.9 sec and cross the quarter mile in the 13’s.

The Stinger really going to slip straight into the huge hole left in the local market for sub $60,000 rwd performance car once Holden shuts shop in October and the Stinger is already creating a lot of interest.

The Twin turbo V6 Stinger will come in 3 models with prices starting at $48,990 for the S, through $55,990 for the mid-spec Si and on to $59,990 for the fully-loaded GT.

Kia has certainly priced the Stinger spot on in my mind by not putting out of reach of the regular car buyer.

“It was critical for us to bring this car to as wide an audience as possible … something I believe we have achieved with the pricing we have been able to settle on,” Kia Motors Australia Chief Operating Officer, Damien Meredith said.

“From the outset it was a goal to get a bi-turbo V6 into the market under $50,000. We have done that with room to spare.”

Mr Meredith said the decision to announce 3.3-litre pricing ahead of the Stinger’s October arrival was to provide confidence to the substantial number of buyers who have shown faith in putting down a deposit without knowing a final price.

“Almost all of the confirmed orders are for the 3.3-litre, so it makes sense to provide those customers with as much clarity as we can while they wait to take possession of their new cars.”

The Stinger will also be available with a 2L turbo charged 4 cylinder engine and pricing for that model will be released when it has been finalised by if the pricing for the V6 model is anything to go by the 4 cylinder turbo could end up being the performance bargain of the year.

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