2017 Suzuki Swift GLX Review

The Suzuki Swift has proved to be a popular name in Australia with models almost gaining a cult following with some people, and the new Swift is only going to increase that following and bring new customers in.
After driving the GL I was very keen to drive the GLX namely because it’s powered by one of my favourite engines from 2017 the 1L Boosterjet turbo 3 cylinder engine rated at 88kW and 160Nm despite it’s meager dimensions the Boosterjet.

The boosterjet is one cracker of a little engine It’s peppy loves to rev and has raspy sound track that I really loved to listen too, The engine is tractable and will easily keep up with traffic and will easily cruise at the speed limit on the highway.
The 6 speed auto backing the Boosterjet is pretty good as well and sorry Suzuki but alot better then the CVT featured in the rest of the range. The 6 speed auto shifts smoothly and seemed to be well suited to the engine picking the right gear 99% of the time. But the best part was when you popped it into manual mode and stir the gears via the paddle shifters, it really come to life making it a more enjoyable drive for me.
Did I mention how good the exhaust note is, my only complaint is that the exhaust could be a touch louder.

On the road the Swift rides a touch on the stiff side meaning you feel some of the bumps, although its overly bad and at no time did the Swift feel unsettled over the bumos and there was no bump or crash transmitted into the cabin. The off shoot to that is the Swift handles exceptionally well, I found the steering well weighted, sharp and direct with great turn in the Swift really shines when you throw at some corners it feels light, nimble and sits nice and flat I can’t wait for the new Sport to arrive because the GLX impressed me can’t imagine how the Sport will.

While not being overly fancy on the inside the Swift is functional and pleasant, the front cloth seats are somewhat comfortable and offered a little bit of support but I would like a bit more side support specially when cornering.
The leather bound 3 soke flat bottomed steering wheel is comfortable to hold and has buttons for the adaptive cruise control, audio and bluetooth as well as the affore mentioned paddle shifters.
The instrument panel is well set out and easy to read in any light and while it’s display a good amount of info I would have like to see a few more function including a digital speedo.
The interior is made up of a lot of hard plastics which means it looks a low touch cheap compared to some of it’s competitors. Although more then one owner of the previous model Swift has told me not only do you forget about them after a while but then are hard wearing and durable which I’d take any day over fancy looking plastics that scratch easily my only real complaint is I’d like to have a bit of padding on the door trim.
The dash is nicely shaped and their is contrasting pearl white strip that runs three quarters the way across ending at the passenger side air vent.
There are a decent amount of storage throughout the cabin with 2 cup holders at the front of the console, a rear cup holder at the back of the console front and rear door bottle holders in the doors and front map pockets, plus a storage tray at the front of the console which fit my S7 easily.
The flat roof line means that head room is great front and back while should room was n’t bad either, you can easily fit 2 people in back and have them ride in comfort a 3rd would make things a touch squishy so I wouldn’t recommend for a massively long trip.
Boot space isn’t massive at 242L back that expand to 556L with the rear seat folded although it doesn’t fold flat.

Connectivity is a high point with the Swift not only does it come with full bluetooth connectivity but also apple carplay and android auto I found the system not only easy to connect to but found it easy to use as well the sound from the audio system wasn’t bad either.
The standard fit sat nav wasn’t only easy to use but worked rather good as well.

Safety wise the Swift is loaded with features including Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB), Lane Departure Warning, Adaptive Cruise Control which is not a regular thing in the light car class. ABS with EBD Function, ESC, Weaving Alert, Hill Hold Control, Brake Assist, 6 airbags, while it gains points for having a rear view camera it looses some for not having rear parking sensors. One other thing I found weird was while it does come with adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning it doesn’t have blind side alert.

After a week with the new Swift GLX turbo I came away extremely impressed, there are a few downsides such as the cheapish looking interior compared to some of it’s rivals and no digital speedo but that is quickly off set by the tremendous list of features including LED headlights with LED daytime driving lights (DRL’s), keyless entry and push button start. Plus along list of safety features including Adaptive cruise control, Automatic Emergency Braking and Lane departure warning.
Add to that a fantastic engine and transmission combination as well a great ride and handling the Swift makes a great case for somebody looking for their first car or a 2nd car for the family. The only thing that some people might baulk at is the price at $22,990 it’s bordering on the class above it.
But to be honest we really need a 2nd car at home now my eldest daughter has her L’s and we could afford to buy a car at the moment the GLX would be pretty close to the top of my.
If your after a light car that’s big on safety and a fun car to drive on top of that get down to your local Suzuki dealership and take one for a test drive for more info on the Swift GLX and the rest of the Swift range surf on over to their website http://www.suzuki.com.au/vehicles/hatch/new-swift

2017 Suzuki Swift GLX Turbo
Price: $22,990
Engine: 1 Litre 3 cylinder Boosterjet Turbo Engine 88kW and 160Nm
Transmission: 6 speed auto with paddle shift
Warranty: 3 year/100,000 km
Service interval: 6 months or 10,000 km, 5 years/100,000km capped price servicing.
Service Costs:
6 months/10,000km $175, 12 months/20,000km $175, 18 months/30,000km $175, 24 months/40,000km $429
30 months/50,000km $175, 36 months/60,000km $329, 42 months/70,000km $175, 48 months/80,000km $469
54 months/90,000km $175, 60 months/100,000km $175

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