Cars And Metal

I have been in to cars all my life, my earliest memories involve crawling under dad’s old EJ Holden while he was working on it with his mates.
When I was old enough to drive and had my own car my mates and I spent most of our weekends either working on our cars, cruising around in them, racing them or sometimes all 3 in the one weekend.
For the past 7 years I’ve blessed with being able to write about new cars for 3 on The Tree, but it got me thinking that while my age and the cars have changed over the years the one thing that has stayed constant is music.
Doesn’t matter what I was driving or cruising around in I always have music on.
Which got me thinking again (yeah I know me thinking twice on the same subject it’s unheard of) what if I can combine my love of cars and music particularly Heavy Metal and Hard Rock into the same thing.
So I would like to announce that I will start filming a new car review series on youtube called Cars N Metal, where I get to not only review the car that is featuring in each video but I will be talking about music in particular the band that featuring in the sound track for each video.
My 2nd big announcement is that Denver Hard Rock Scarlet Canary and New York Symphonic Alternative Metal Band Symfinity have graciously agreed to let me use their music in my first two video’s.
I will start filming this week and will be posting regular updates on 3 on The Tree to keep everyone updated on the progress and when the 1st episode will be posted to youtube so please check back soon.
I wanted to give a massive shout out to both Scarlet Canary and Symfinity for allowing me the honour using your music in my first two video’s with out your support this project would still only be an idea in my head I only hope the video’s do your music justice.
To check out Scarlet Canary you can find them on links below.

Symfinity can be found on
Youtube channel:
While you can listen to both bands on Spotify.

If you would like to see and hear your music in a future episode of Cars N Metal you can contact me via twitter

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