Holden Engineers Lay Down Challenge To Australian Drivers

As Holdens market share continues to fall Holden have have issued a challenge to people to test their range of cars to see how good they really are.
Holden are backing their vehicles calling it their most comprehensive range yet and are so confident about their cars that will pay people $500 if they test drive a Holden then decide to buy a competitors car.
One thing you may have noticed over the last year is the lack of Holden reviews on this blog due to downsizing of Holden’s press fleet they can’t accommodate all requests for press cars and us small car review sites are just not on their radar any more.
So I’ve decided to issue my own challenge to Holden if your cars are as good as you say they lend me a couple to review and I will give them an honest down to earth review and if they are really good I will say so but on the other hand if they are not quite up to scratch then I will say that as well.
If you would like to see what I think of Holdens range of cars this will shared on twitter and face book share it with Holden retweet it, share it around your friends and we will see what happens.

Holden Engineers Lay Down Challenge To Australian Drivers To Test Drive Best, Most Comprehensive Range Ever

  • Holden launches a bold new Test Drive Challenge – to highlight the strength of its new vehicle range.
  • $500 for customers who test drive a Holden but buy a competitor car.
  • Campaign launches with new above-the-line advertising featuring Holden’s local engineers heavily involved in development of all Holden vehicles.

PORT MELBOURNE – Ice cream smeared on seats? We’ve tested for that. That bump in the road on the way to your favourite weekend getaway? We’ve tuned for that. The best Holden driving experience? We’re happy to back that.
Holden today announces the launch of our new Test Drive Challenge, inviting new car buyers to test drive Holden’s fantastic range of cars and if they still end up deciding to buy a competitor car, we’ll give them $500*.
“It’s a bold move but one we do with confidence,” says Kristian Aquilina, Holden’s Marketing Director, of the new test drive challenge. “We know this is the best range of cars we’ve offered and in terms of safety, technology, customer service, value and that famous Holden driving spirit, we can’t be beaten.
“Holden is evolving, no question. The new vehicle line-up is fantastic and we challenge new car buyers to experience how good they are and form their own opinion. We’re so confident in them, we’re willing to put $500 down if they go on to buy something else.”
The Holden Test Drive Challenge will be supported by a new advertising campaign featuring Holden engineers Rob Trubiani (aka Mr Commodore), Melanie Pollock and Ben Stephens, putting the latest range of Holdens through their paces.
“Who better to talk about how good our cars are than the local engineers who play a huge role in developing all Holdens, getting them just right for Australian drivers,” Mr Aquilina said.
Rob Trubiani, Lead Dynamics Engineer and Nürburgring record holder, has been hands-on with Commodore – including the all-new European-built Commodore – for the past 22 years.
“I’ve certainly got the best job in Australia, it makes for some cracking stories at barbecues,” Mr Trubiani said. “But in all seriousness, I know that every Holden engineer puts a lot of time and effort into making our cars fine-tuned for Australian conditions. We pride ourselves on knowing Australian drivers best.”
Holden employs over 180 engineering employees, working on local and global vehicle development and testing programs for General Motors. Holden has recently invested nearly $16 million in its world-class proving ground and emissions lab at Lang Lang, in Victoria.
Holden continues to establish itself as a national sales company, with a laser-like focus on the key SUV, LCV and passenger segments and providing an exceptional customer experience. Holden’s new seven-seat SUV Acadia joins showrooms later this year.
*Some conditions apply. For full terms and conditions on Holden’s Test Drive Challenge go to holden.com.au.

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