Holden Takes The Colorado To The Extreme

So I was one of the many that fell in love with the Colorado Extreme concept that came out a few years ago, and now I am touch excited that Holden has decided to actually bring out and production Colorado Extreme.
Although while it looks the good and I recon it looks damn tough, the Colorado Extreme is a touch underwhelming in the performance part of things as nothing has been done to increase it’s performance so those of you Holden fans looking for a Raptor fighter with a Holden badge you are going to be a little disappointed that the Colorado’s performance is that bad which it isn’t.
What you get though is host of add on from the Holden accessory line in fact Holden says $19,000 worth of accessories over the standard Z71 Colorado, including winch bar with a claimed best in class 10,000 Ib load capaicty winch with 30m aynthetic line, heavy duty bash plate, LED light bar, upgraded front suspension, Vehicle Recovery Kit, Complete Towing Package, Roof Tray Kit, Rear Steel Step, Fender Flares, Colorado branding on tailgate, Xtreme branding decal, Black Tubular Side Steps Package, Black Grille, Soft Tonneau cover, Bonnet Bulge, Black extended sports bar and 18″ Goodyear All Terrain Tyres Wrangler 265/60R18.
The Colorado Extreme will be available from October 1st but Holden say it will only be available in limited numbers, the only downside I can see is the price at $69,990 it’s touch on the expensive side specially when there’s no real performance gains and so I’m not sure whether you could come with something very similar with a standard Colorado and trip to your local 4WD shop although you wont have advantage of all the add’s being covered by a factory warranty like the extreme does.
My personal view is I think the whole 4wd pick up market is really out of control price wise and think they are all massively over priced, but we Australians are proving to be stupid enough to pay the huge money for them so until we stop buying them (not likely to happen) they still going to be massive cash cows for the car company’s.
Oh did I forget to say I do really think it does look really good.
Check out all the details below thanks to Holden for the info and pics.

The Holden Colorado Z71 Xtreme – New Colorado Hero Brought To Life

  • New Colorado Z71 Xtreme inspired by concept car
  • Colorado Z71 Xtreme equipped with exceptional Winch system for greater safety
  • Australian designed and engineered genuine accessories
  • Limited edition Colorado available from 1 October

Holden’s dream ute just became a reality. Enter the Colorado Z71 Xtreme, Holden Colorado’s newest edition, based on the celebrated Colorado Xtreme concept vehicle, first unveiled at the Bangkok International Motor Show in 2016.
Designed and built by Holden’s talented Port Melbourne-based design team, the Colorado Xtreme showcased a wide range of concept accessories that captured customers’ imagination; accessories that have now inspired the new vehicle.
Holden’s Colorado Z71 Xtreme’s tough exterior loaded with accessories is matched by its off-road capability, ready to take on any terrain or driving conditions.
To help tackle all types of activity, the Colorado Z71 Xtreme, based on the top of the range Colorado Z71, adds a best-in-class winch system equipped with a heavy-duty bash plate, as well as 10,000 lb load capacity and a 30m synthetic line.
Colorado Z71 Xtreme’s high visibility LED light bar, combined with a winch bar, upgraded front suspension, all terrain tyres and vehicle recovery kit, add to its go anywhere capability, day or night.
Holden’s tough, limited-edition ute also boasts a long list of concept vehicle inspired genuine accessories, designed and developed in Australia.

“The top end of LCV market continues to develop, and we’re seeing a growing number of customers demanding greater off-road capability,” said Holden’s Product Marketing Manager, Andre Scott.
“The Colorado Xtreme was a concept car that resonated with our customers, and to not only put it into production, but elevate it, is very exciting,” said Holden’s Product Marketing Manager, Andre Scott.
“As a base vehicle, Colorado Z71 is already very capable, so we’ve expanded our Genuine Accessories range for additional off-road capability. Cue the Holden Winch system, the Xtreme’s hero accessory, which is a game-changer.”
“Backed up with a long list of accessories, customers can have confidence that their ute will not only look rugged but will be able to perform in the harshest of environments,” he said.
Equipped with a big 2.8 litre Duramax Turbo Diesel engine, 500Nm of torque* and a 3.5 tonne towing capacity, the Colorado Z71 Xtreme boasts the same impressive credentials of the Colorado Z71, with a new-look tough exterior and upgraded off road capability to match.
Colorado Z71 Xtreme comes loaded with value, priced at $69,990 driveaway, which includes over $19,000 of Genuine Holden Accessories. The Colorado Xtreme Z71 will be available at Holden dealers from 1 October 2018. Vehicles are exceptionally limited, so customers are encouraged to contact or visit their local dealer to register their interest to avoid disappointment.
Colorado Z71 Xtreme Crew Cab Pickup includes the following additional content to a Z71:

  • Winch Bar with integrated winch
  • LED Light Bar
  • Vehicle Recovery Kit
  • Complete Towing Package
  • Roof Tray Kit
  • Rear Steel Step
  • Suspension Kit (Front)
  • Fender Flares
  • Colorado branding on tailgate
  • Xtreme branding decal
  • Black Tubular Side Steps Package
  • Black Grille
  • Soft Tonneau cover
  • Bonnet Bulge
  • 18″ Goodyear All Terrain Tyres Wrangler 265/60R18
  • Black extended sports bar

*Auto only

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