Cars N Metal T-Shirts

For those of you that arent aware I do not make any money from my car reviews and wont be making any from my Cars N Metal. I am not in this to make I do it because I love cars.

At the moment I am filming Cars N Metal on an old dslr camera, a hero 3 gopro and my phone which not only makes it more time consuming but also makes it harder to film.

My wife has impending eye surgery coming up so with that in mind the only way to try and raise some funds to buy a cheap hd camcorder is to sell some shirts.

So for the next 3 days i have some Cars N Metal shirts for sale. While I have sold a couple of shirts but still need to sell 3 more to make the minimum requirements for the print run to go.

To get your hands on a Cars N Metal shirt please visit the following link. Anyone that buys a shirt will get a mention in Episode 1 of Cars N Metal.

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