Changes to 3 On The Tree

I thought I’d post an update because I haven’t done one for a while, lots of news that’s happening and some changes happening to this site.

First thing is I have sort of partnered with a new website that is focusing on all forms of electric transport call Impulseev any EV or Electric Vehicle reviews will now be shared over there as well on here so for all your EV new check them out

2nd change is and it is partly because of the change above and that is I will opening a new section which will be for all my EV and Hybrid reviews essentially I am starting to get closer to the Tree in 3 on The Tree.

3rdly some of you will know about my health problems i had last year and i’m still only 7 months into my recovery which is going well I’ve been back at work for a few months and been going to gym a few days a week, so while i’ve concentrating on that I’ve let my reviews go so I promise I shall be posting some soon it’s not that I’ havent written any I just haven’t finished them.

Lastly I wanted to start a view project last year called Cars N Metal and while I still am planning on doing it other things have got in the way so I’m hoping to give you some further news in few weeks on what direction i am heading with it.

Thank you once again to everybody that has stuck by me over years there is a core group of my regular readers that have stuck around and continued to support this site even over the slow period.

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