About my reviews & myself

Welcome to 3 on The Tree.
Car reviews, automotive news and more.
Being a family man and married with two wonderful daughters, I have keen interest in in cars normal families would buy.
Keeping that in mind I like to gear my reviews towards how well a particular car handles everyday life, I like see how cars perform in real world situations that families are most likely to experience in everyday life.
That way families can get an idea through my reviews of how well a car may be suited to family life.
Everybody experiences lots of traffic specially in Sydney so while I could go hypermile every car down the freeway to ring every inch of economy out of car. The fuel economy I get is real world what you would expect to get if you had to sit in Sydney’s peak hour bumper to bumper traffic every day, or do short trips back and forth to the shops, picking up the kids from school. I do test cars with the aircon on I’m not going to drive around with the air con off just to make the economy figures look better.
I know manufacturers economy figures are done in a controlled environment and that real world economy figures will vary but when somebody reads one of the reviews they get an idea of what sort of economy they could expect to see day to day.
I love cars in general and see cars as more then just a badge and appreciate all the engineering, work and technology that goes into making a car.
My reviews are straight along the line and I review cars on the their own merit and don’t directly compare them to others i’ve tested.
I don’t recommend cars when people ask me what they should buy, I will offer my suggestions on the cars I feel that would suit their situation the best and tell them to go test drive them all and pick the one they like the best.
Everybody has an opinion and what suits me might not suit them. Other then a house a car is the biggest single purchase you make so you should get what you want and what suits you best and only you know the answer to that question.
I have also opened a youtube channel and shortly will begin starting a new video project shortly called Cars and Metal.
More about myself I don’t make any money from my review nor do I am expect to I do it for my love of cars and the fact I can help people choose their next new car.
During the week I work at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead in Sydney, my interests other then cars include, cooking, reading, photography, computers. For 10 years I made in costume appearances to various conventions, movie openings, tv appearances and over 100 visits to sick and terminally ill children and childrens charities as part of the Star Wars costuming club the 501st Stormtrooper Legion until a work injury forced to retire from appearances.
My aim is to make 3 On The Tree a valued and trusted source for people when looking for down to earth reviews on cars they may be interested in buying.

5 thoughts on “About my reviews & myself

  1. you are welcome to come down and check it out, just identify yourself to either Joe, Jamie or Brett (Managers) and go from there, they won’t be handing over a car but you are welcome to a test drive for your blog.

  2. Thanks again for the race last night, Wayne. If you have watched the replay from my cockpit you probably would have noticed I lifted quite a few times. Reason being I didn’t want to try anything too dicey and wreck you, and I was quite grateful for your decent pace which I could utilise.

    Nice win, and it was a personal best for myself (only joined a couple of weeks ago). Crazy stuff with that start, you go low on the 7, I go high. We both thread it quite nicely. 🙂

    Only had one moment where I sort of lost it, and another where I grazed the wall, the rest was me hoping you would make an error!

    Next time I won’t lift, of course. 🙂 First things first.

    • Hey Shaun Thanks for that mate and yes I do appreciate you lifting off a few times, I was happy you were so close for to me the whole race kept my mind on the job.
      This was my first win so I am damned stoked about it I’ve only been playing a fews weeks as well at the moment though I’m using a joystick as I can’t afford a wheel just yet. I couldn’t believe the start and I still can’t believe I didn’t get caught up in it there was nothing between my car and the 7 when he rolled across the track.
      Don’t lift off mate and maybe I’ll followed you home for your first win.

  3. Finally cracked it myself at USA International, Wayne, in Street Stock. Qualified third, ran second, then leader clipped a car, and I was able to lead to checker.

    Great simulation, look forward to seeing you on the track next, with the both of us vying for our seconds.

    • Well done mate doesn’t it feel good to get that 1st win, I’ve been piling up the top 5 finishes but I’m starting to get into the legends races as well and doing pretty good at it. I can’t wait until I can affrord to get a wheel doing alright with a joystick but I know where i’m loosing time on tracks and I can’t do any better with the stick. look forward to catching up on the track

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