Cars N Metal

Cars and Rock and Metal music have gone hand in hand for more than 50 years, with some the worlds greatest music acts writing songs about cars and driving including the Beech Boys, The Beetles, Motley Crue, Janis Joplin, Bruce Springsteen, Sammy Hagar, Queen, Deep Purple, Metallica, Rainbow, Judas Priest etc, etc the list goes on and on.

The relationship Cars, Rock and Metal has very much echoed my life as well, I have been into cars all my life some of my ealiest memories are crawling around, over and in cars as my dad and his mates worked on them.

When my mates and I were old enough to drive and we bought our own cars we spent all our spare time working on, cruising around in and racing our cars down the drag strip.

Now i’m married with a family I don’t get the time to work on cars but as the owner of a car review blog 3 on The Tree I spend most of my spare time either driving, writing about or researching cars.

Same can be said about music I loved music as a child and as I grew up and became an adult music was always constant companion, we always have music playing while in the car, when my mates I use to work on our cars we always had music on.

So one day while sitting in the garage waiting for a song to finish before I got out of the car I had an idea I had always wanted to start filming my car reviews why don’t I combine both and not only talk about the car I was riving but also talk about the music I was listening to as well.

So Cars N Metal was born but rather then talk about music in general my idea was to talk about a specific band or artist. I have been lucky to talk to several generous bands that agreed to let me use their music in my music, which not only me excited as it looked like my idea on Cars N Metal was going to become reality but what excited me even more was the fact i was actually a genuine fan of their music.

Being able to use music from bands I was a fan of not only makes happy but makes me feel a little humble as well and can’t thank them enough.

While I might be in the videos I see the real stars of the videos are going to be the cars and these legends of music Scarlet Canary, Symfinity, Forever Still, Awake at Last, The Edge Of Reason with many more to come.

I begin filming shortly and the First Episode of Cars N Metal should hopefully be hitting my Youtube channel before the end of this month or early December.

To find out more about the awesome music that will be featured on Cars N Metal please visit the music links page and visit their links and please give them a listen.